Eye Candy Friday


Found on a walk.  Looks like a heart — a real one — to me.

Watch for actual knitting content coming very soon!

3 responses to “Eye Candy Friday

  1. Ummm, I think it’s a walnut. But I see it also as petrified footprints! If you DO have walnuts around (which is likely I think….we had them in central NY but not here in ME), you should be on the lookout for the trees… When they drop their ‘nuts’ (funny idea, dropping nuts, eh?) the nuts are encased in the fruit, a largish (think nectarine size) green smelly affair. It smells almost perfumey and almost too sickening. Anyhow, you can boil them up to make a lovely deep brown dye-for wool…and for your skin.

  2. You made me snortle! Yes, somehow I think you’re right, it is a walnut and not a heart!

    We do indeed have black walnut trees around; there’s one planted on the boulevard of my parent’s house a few blocks away for sure. Fun to play with the smelly green fruit if you’re a certain age. Definitely stains hands, and when I’m feeling adventurous, I should get around to dyeing yarn with it.

    But I thought it was cool how this half-walnut had a ‘heart shape’ within it, but in 3-D looks rather like an anatomic heart too.

  3. It actually looks like a pig’s nose to me…

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