A note on Ravelry

Courtesy of Claudia’s blog (of Wollmeise fame), Google translate, and Deb (who sent this to me), comes the following warning, Yoda-like:

I must you urgently warn, Ravelry am more than a Community, it am like a small universe for itself in which one hopelessly lose myself can. Who should supply man, child and dog with warm meals, dates notice, perhaps still another full time job, must the fingers of it have leave. You will have no more time for these tasks.

There, you are warned. (By the way, the Yoda-osity is not Claudia’s, other than the wisdom part of it; it is due to Google Translation of the original German post.) Also, be aware that Wollmeise is closing down for the next month, in the process of transformation. And that Ravelry is also in the process of transformation as it is about to make the leap to new servers/hosting, allowing faster progress out of its beta version and into every fiber enthusiast’s computer.

This public service announcement is brought to you courtesy of Hither and Yarn and the outside world.

7 responses to “A note on Ravelry

  1. Yeah, and like we don’t lose ourselves away from family quite enough with knitting and regular blogging!

  2. ah, and THIS is why I tell my students: don’t use online translators. I will know. I have powersssssss

  3. “one hopelessly lose myself can…” how true, how true!
    Thanks for your suggestion of a shrug on my knitting connundrum, by the way. I’m still thinking on that one…and getting lost in ravelry looking at patterns.

  4. Great post! Hey, I wonder if we can re-translate Claudia’s original post and send it back to her??? I can’t imagine how horrible it would be– Yoda-like, but on drugs?

    Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday!

  5. I second Claudia’s opinion. Ravelry is addictive.

  6. Ah, the inadvertent poetry produced by these robot poets!

  7. Yes, I agree…Ravelry is a bit like being close to a black hole. It starts pulling you in and before you know it, several hours have gone by, no laundry has been cleaned, no meals have been prepared.
    Thanks for sharing (and reminding).

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