Lizards and Skinks and Snakes, Oh My!

This is a fair warning to those who are phobic about reptiles: Reptiles Were Us this weekend.

This past weekend was the Great River Folk Festival here, an occasion I rarely miss. Now, that may not immediately say “Snakes” to you! But an ever-popular stop in the Children’s Area for the last several years is the Coulee Region Herpetological Society. An amazing number of kids want to pet the snakes! And skinks, and lizards, and tortoises, and even a little alligator.

On Saturday, the Herpers were short on reptile people due to a competing event (Gator Fest, doncha know!) and so we volunteered to bring Trinity the corn snake and help out.herp-society-at-grff.jpg

Here’s the Gothlet, who was very good with the snake and with the kids. She herself also got to hold a python that day, and the next day when there were more people and reptiles, she hung out with many more reptiles and fell in love with a blue-tongued skink. “It’s so mellow! It just hangs out on my shoulder! I want a skink — please?”

Hmmm. We’ll see. She does love the reptiles.


Here the girls are, reading Eragon. (Note the Knitter shirt, by the way.) Fortunately, Trinity was confirmed to be a girl; there had been some doubt. It would be hard to change the pronoun after a year.

Anyway, in between the reptile fun, I did make it to some music workshops and vendors, though the vendor who has been there the last several years with home-grown wool/yarn (Navajo-churro and Jacob sheep!) wasn’t there to my regret. Her farm is in one of the general areas pretty affected by the recent flood, so I wonder if she was home dealing with the aftermath. Hope all is okay there.

Right before all this excitement, I acquired a knitting-related toy:


Blocking mats!

These were at Sam’s Club (store only) for $20 — eight panels of two-foot by two-foot thick foam mats; should block almost anything! I have no spare beds and no carpeting, so bigger blocking is always a problem. Looking forward to the Mystery Stole 3 finish, I was not sure how I was going to do that. Well, now I have the mats — I just need to finish the stole!

So what’s up with that? Well, I have been slowly reknitting what I frogged (I had initially decided to shorten the stole, and after seeing the ‘wing’, decided to restore it to its written length; which meant, because there are two patterns happening with different row repeats, I had to frog it back a ways to where the ‘excerpt’ had been made to shorten it; then I needed to reknit the frogged part plus so much more). So I’m not even quite back to where I was when I decided to frog, as far as the clues. Sigh. Mentally, it’s a challenge to re-knit for me. But I can make great strides, since the part I’m on does go faster than the prior sections. (It’s just that I’m getting into some deadline knitting. Like three birthdays and two charity events in September, all of which have designated knitting. So MS3 is taking a back seat.) Sometime this week, I’ll take a picture of the stole on the blocking mat.

Did some stash organization today. Umm. I really do need to discipline myself to put it on Ravelry just so I remember what I have. But it will be incredibly embarrassing. I think I could open my own shop. Except I can’t bear to sell most of it….

Hey, remember me telling you all about Deb’s awesome rendition of Lizard Ridge?

The judges at the Minnesota State Fair agreed! Congratulations, Deb!

I will be seeing the prize-winning afghan in person this weekend when we make a road trip! We will be going to the Minnesota State Fair on Labor Day; and Deb’s invited me to hang out with the Saturday morning knitters so I can meet her & friends in person and . . . there will be a transfer of certain precious and long-anticipated treasure . . . hint, it came by sea and air, starts with W and ends with e, and the colors are unbelievable. Oooh, I can’t wait! It may be the Preteen’s and my husband’s birthdays that we’re celebrating this weekend, but I’m getting some presents too!

3 responses to “Lizards and Skinks and Snakes, Oh My!

  1. Here’s hoping that kid of yours keeps up her odd interests! Tell her I once went with a college friend who was researching the rare Massasagua rattlesnake-he’d surgically inserted radio tracking devices and we were out in a humongous shrub swamp looking for one with a tracking antenna. I’m talking wading up to chest deep in some spots, lots of mound hopping kind of place. So we eventually got to where we knew the snake was nearby, but couldn’t find it. After a while we did, it was curled up under a shrub, buzzing like an angry bumblebee. They’re small (maybe 8 inches) but they are poisonous! One of the big herp things right now is amphibians and vernal pools-does your group do anything with those?

  2. I am very fond of lizards. For a year, I had a tank of tree frogs (which bark like dogs) and a couple of anole lizards. Had a blast with them. The ONLY reason, I finally gifted them away is I moved somewhere else and could not find another source of live crickets in my new neighborhood.

    Thanks for all the camp pictures, as usual, your pics never cease to relax me.

  3. I’m thinking of getting a blue tounged skink, but my sisters and mom want a snake. Ball python actually. Do you know, price wise, which one is cheaper, taking away the price of the tank (we have one)? I really want one, mostly because of how mellow they are. I love mellow animals!
    Also, how easy are they to take care of? I’ve never had a reptile before, but I have had cats, rats, a dog, fish, a hamster, and my dad is good friends with someone who owns two ball pythons and a monitor lizard (not adult yet).
    Please e-mail me at!!!!

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