Flora of Camp

I know this is rather bipolar, alternating between current and knitting events, and my recent vacation. Here, however, for those who like photographs and flowers, are some of the flowers and plants of our recent camp sojourn in Northern Minnesota.

I think I know what many of these flowers are, but I may be mistaken, so I will just present them with minimal commentary.

Down by the waterfront:


At the edge of a meadow, this graceful curve:


At path’s edge:


Deep woods hike:


Aliens! No, sea creatures! No, roadside plants:


Early morning, under the oak tree with the acorns:


These look like they belong in a Dr. Seuss book as the early morning sun hits them:


A wildflower, aka weed, that I’ve seen many places. Isn’t it pretty close up?


By the lake side again at dewy dawn:




Beside a different lake on a different day:


Intertwined trees, locked together forever:


3 responses to “Flora of Camp

  1. Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos. They left me feeling awake and refreshed and just plain grateful.

  2. Lovely. I feel like I just took a hike in the woods (minus the bugs and sweat). Thanks!

  3. Somehow I missed this post! What great pictures. Any you’re uncertain about? I (or if not me, my dh) can probably tell you what they all are, all but one look familiar (the white one by the lake)-but dh is an obsessed botanist, so he’d probably know it.

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