What We Did at Camp

Warning: Picture Heavy!

(Like you couldn’t have guessed that….)

What we did at Camp*:

*This is YMCA Camp Olson in Northern Minnesota, one of the most wonderful places in the world. They offer 8 weeks of ‘kid camp’ and 2 weeks of Family Camp, and their staff is a special group of people who are what make Camp the amazing place it is. Not Affiliated, yadda, yadda, beyond the fact that we love it and come back again and again!

We ate, indoors in the 50+-year-old dining lodge at 50-year-old chairs and tables (but a brand new window):

gothlet-dining-lodge.jpg dining-lodge.jpg

and we ate outdoors:


We rode (some of us, like the photographer, a lot!):



We had a carnival (our booth was bobbing for apples):




The carnival concluded with a horse race:


Look at ’em go!

We hiked:hike.jpghiking-back-from-dinner.jpg

We sailed:regatta.jpgsailing-spray.jpg

even in a regatta, one of us. One of us windsurfed:


We did target sports. No action shots this year, but here’s my Pro-Marksman award and bullseye:


and the Gothlet won an archery award, and now is shooting arrows from 5 yards further away — which is, of course, harder.

We canoed and kayaked:


We fished. (No pics, the photographer didn’t fish.) One of us completed the Eco-Challenge, a swim-kayak-run test of endurance:

eco-challenge-1.jpg Others of us also swam here:

beach-evening.jpg (swimming not photographically documented, however)

Some of us participated in Pigtail Day:


(One of us had not had pigtails in her hair for decades.)

We read, some of us a lot:


Some of us played “Capture The Flag”. (One of us probably shouldn’t have. I’m too old for this stuff.)


We had a hoe-down:


This is the camp director and his wife doing a lovely do-si-do!


I’m married to one of those musicians. (Which meant no built-in dancing partner. But a seven-year-old boy graciously danced the Virginia Reel with me.)

We played tetherball. Some of us a lot.


and some a little (tee-hee!)


(No, these adorable twins are not mine; some of these photos are of staff and fellow campers.)

We tie-dyed:


We went to campfires, watched skits, and even performed in one:



And I knit at dawn This Morning:


And This Morning:


And This Morning:


Wow. What a way to knit. I wish I could do that every morning.

5 responses to “What We Did at Camp

  1. Wow-looks like a lot of fun! My husband’s family (EIGHT kids!) did Y family camp on or near the Chesapeake. The place is closed now, when I was pregnant (12 years ago) dh and I visited, and came outta there COVERED in HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of tick larvae (=very very very tiny, but still ticks). ICK ICK ICK!!! Love that you got to knit at dawn! And your hiking pic is funny- they all look like they are on their way to the outhouse!

  2. That looks like it was so much fun! Thank you for sharing the pictures. The girls are getting so big! I always remember them as they were at our wedding and they’re both so much more grown up now.

    I’ve been known to wear two french braids as an adult – one on either side of my head – but I’m not sure I wore pigtails even as a kid!

  3. Congrats, Lisa, on making it all the way through the pics! And actually looking at them — yes, that’s an outhouse near the trail (I didn’t think anyone would notice…) but I think we were just passing by….not doing a group outhouse run….
    Hundreds of ticks sounds seriously disgusting. And if they were that tiny, they were probably deer ticks, yuck. It’s so dry in N Minnesota right now, that the mosquitoes were uncharacteristically almost non-existent, and I didn’t see one tick. But the biting flies were bad; the poor horses were plagued.
    Dryness is not a problem where I live right now in SW Wisconsin, as you may have heard. I’ll post an update soon about our area’s recent — and ongoing — trials. (We had another thunderstorm last night, another predicted for tonight and tomorrow night as well.)

  4. Wow! That looks so awesome, I love the field of tie dye shirts, are those tether ball twins are way too cute! I suddenly miss camping and being all young and stuff. Maybe next year I can convince my kids that summer camp is a wonderful idea….

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