Fauna of Camp


While anxiously awaiting the DishRag Tag box (hopefully today!!), I am sorting through — umm, a LOT of camp pictures. Let’s just say it’s under a thousand and leave it at that. Thank goodness for the new 2G memory card I got at Sam’s Club….

I thought, for your viewing pleasure, that instead of a step-by-step travelogue, I would put up my photos thematically. Then, for example, those of you who, today, do not wish to view Camp Critters may just skip this post. There are going to be a few flower pics and landscapes here and there too, and perhaps some current events. Also, a Saturday Sky today, of course.

So, without much further ado, and with scattered commentary, here are the Fauna of Family Camp (limited to wild fauna, and not including campers or staff!)

See the squirrel in the tree above? Northern Minnesotan kin of the wool-stealing Toronto squirrel, this rodent sat in the tree and YELLED at me for 15 minutes straight as I sat and knit and read while overlooking Little Boy Lake, at dawn of our first morning at camp. I don’t know what he was so annoyed about — what was his problem? The only other sound was the occasional call of a loon. The second photo shows him with his breakfast nut.


Here’s a beautiful sunrise picture from that morning; some more may show up later.


Below is, not a chipmunk, but the 13-striped ground squirrel, which, I have it on good authority, has 23 stripes in reality. Scourge of the Corral due to his propensity for hole-making and grain-stealing. Apparently not interested in wool.


Highlighted by the flash is our friendly door spider. None of us are bug-phobic, and this little guy caught more than his weight in gnats later in the week, after it rained. Go, Spidey!


Now, down to the water where I found another spider at another dawn, hanging out on a mullein plant:


And that same morning, see what lies beneath the water, just waiting for collectors like the Gothlet and me:

My husband and I were on a mid-morning hike when we saw this forest denizen:



Not that my friends who live on the outskirts of town here would think this anything special. The deer there eat my friend’s hosta from right outside her door, while the dogs go crazy just inside the door. Those deer are not so dumb, even if their brains are the size of walnuts….

We saw more deer while (we were) horseback riding (the deer weren’t riding), but no good pictures, as you can imagine.

Back in camp, right outside the craft shop and trading post, someone announced himself. Loudly:


That night, we had a carnival; an ever-popular booth is this one by a veteran Camp Family:

“Spy vs. Spy, Alien vs. Predator, Frog vs. Spider!”

(You’ll see more of the Carnival in a later chapter.)

No frogs or spiders were harmed in the actualizing of this ongoing contest. Here you see a rare victory by the frog:


Lastly, something I feel privileged to have seen: Baby bluebirds. This is the first year Camp has participated in the Bluebird Recovery Program of Minnesota. Yes, it’s OK for us to be looking at the nestlings; monitoring the nests is an essential part of the program. The nesting boxes, which are made from PVC pipe among other common materials, are tapped first to allow Mama or Daddy to fly away if present. Then the boxes are checked for nests, eggs, undesirable birds or vermin, presence of live nestlings, etc. This was the first year and there was already success, with more expected next year when the nesting boxes can be put in earlier. Wow. How cool is that?


The hand belongs to Tommy, the camp naturalist for the past several years and one of the Gothlet’s favorite staff. Thanks, Tommy, for taking my father and I on the birding hike and showing us these little feathered ones!

Back to Today: It’s Raining.


Saturday Sky reflected on Sidewalk.


Oh, where is the mail??


2 responses to “Fauna of Camp

  1. Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos. I have never seen such a squirrel, amazing. And you know how I love bird pics.


  2. Somehow bloglines didn’t pick this up until today! I think it’s just great that you have a girl child so interested in these kinds of things. Do you know about the state university of new york college of environmental science and forestry in Syracuse? (yeah, longest college name, ever!). Might be interesting for her to check their web pages. I’ve been gone for a long time, but they have a good entomology dept, and good wildlife dept, and good forestry dept, and good ecology dept…

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