“Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.”

So said Elizabeth Zimmermann.

My knitting hero.

Like EZ, I knit when I’m happy, I knit when I’m sad, I knit when I’m stressed. I sometimes don’t have time to knit when I’m really busy, and then I get cranky (crankiER, I should say).

So, despite the recent sadness — I have been knitting.

Not so much Mystery Stole 3, I must say; travelling is not conducive to this kind of lace knitting, and neither was camp life for the most part. (Though the part I have gotten to now is the most straightforward of the stole, so not quite so difficult to do on the go.) Plus, deciding to frog and reknit clues 4 and 5, after I changed my mind about shortening it, made me lose momentum — I purely hate reknitting, so it’s a mental block. But I did wake up at dawn and go knit or read several mornings; here we* are by the lake:


*we = ‘Odile’ and I

At camp, then, I mostly knit four fingerless gloves, a good take-along project — here are two of them on their happy new owner!


This is handpainted yarn I purchased on Etsy: it’s fingering weight merino/Tencel, and the colorway is named “Goth”. I love it! The second pair of fingerless gloves in this same yarn is for the Gothlet….

And, as above, I knit a little on MS3, and a bit on the Ribby Shell (just divided for the armholes, no pic yet). And I made Saartje’s booties on the long ride home, no pictures yet. Two days ago, I made this cutie-patootie hat from this pattern:


(It needs a real head to show it off better.)

And I took my camera to work to document my work project:


This is a Log Cabin blanket (if you click the link, scroll down to February 15 post) made with sport weight hand-dyed sock yarn. I’m liking it so far. The only problem is that this yarn is not particularly soft (I don’t want to make socks with it, I don’t think, for that reason). So even though it would make a lovely bright baby blankie, it’s just not soft enough for me to give to a poor innocent babe. Maybe it will soften after washing — I should try washing a swatch. Otherwise, I suppose I could knit a really soft blanket the same size, then knit them together with a border or I-cord. Then at least the baby side would be soft!

So, I guess I have been knitting, though I didn’t realize till now how much!

Back to my garden now; here’s a floral picture or two for you.chrysanthemums.jpgpink-phlox.jpgmonarch-on-lanceleaf-coreopsis.jpg

2 responses to ““Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.”

  1. I missed your earlier post, such sadness…. and you are so right. Anything fun for NEJM? I like to knit interesting things, but find myself lately doing simple things…

  2. Perhaps it would help to wash the log cabin blanket with a bit of hair conditioner?

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