Pass it on

Today’s post is about giving, and receiving, and passing it on.
First, I received a wonderful gift in

gse_multipart72306.jpg The Hand-Dyed Yarn Swap:


from Melissa! I love these colors: muted yet rich. What you can’t see is that the yarn is like butter; so soft and pettable. I must ponder on the perfect pattern. Thank you so much, Melissa!

And my swap partner received her yarn today, and seems to like it! There is nothing so rewarding as giving something of yourself to someone else, and having them truly enjoy receiving it.

Which brings me to further thoughts on giving:

Bonnie, a fellow Cotton Commando in the DishRag Tag, and an awesome sewer, recently posted a cool concept making the rounds: a bloggish “Pay it Forward”. I avoid chain mail type things, but this is different. The idea is doing something nice for someone else with no expectation of return, but rather the expectation that they will ‘pay it forward’ by doing something for someone also. Kind of like the fact that you can’t truly repay your parents (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) but you can give your children what your parents gave you.

So the way this works is, the first 3 people who are interested and leave a comment will receive a hand-made gift from me in the next 30 days, with the thought that you will pass that on to several more people. If you have a blog, of course you may post it like this; but if you are a blog-reader rather than -writer, just go ahead and give — I trust you. And you can go with your own time frame and the gifts don’t have to be hand-made.

Anyone interested? Just say so in the comments; I’ll contact you back for your address etc.

Here’s a teaser photo from camp. (Just because I wasn’t in my garden doesn’t mean I couldn’t take planty pictures!)


This milkweed yellow goatsbeard is getting ready to give of itself!

*Thanks, Lisa, for the correct info!  Of course it’s not milkweed, I wasn’t even looking at the leaves.  I should have realized that all the REAL milkweed I saw up North was in flower. 

One response to “Pass it on

  1. (I think that’s ‘yellow goatsbeard’). I like the pay it forward thing, but right now I’m exhausted!

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