Goin’ Campin’

Since we’re on the subject of old musicals (we were, weren’t we? Well, I have mentioned “The Music Man” twice in several weeks, so that counts!):

Anyone remember “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers“? Sexist and dated, yes; but the dancing! As well as the photography and singing, but especially the dancing! All the ‘brides’ were dancers, and almost all the brothers were dancers; one a gymnast. Great choreography by Michael Kidd.


So: sing today’s title to the tune of “Goin’ Courtin”: (Apologies to Johnny Mercer and Gene DePaul!)

Goin’ campin’,

Goin’ campin’.

Though I know it seems we just got back:

Goin’ campin’,

Goin’ campin’,

Where’s the sleeping bag I need to pack?

Oh, it’s fun to leave the TV home,

There the cell phone doesn’t even ‘roam’;

But I’ll be froggin’*, missing blogging,

Goin’ Campin’!

(*Frogging part of the last clue of Mystery Stole 3, to make it longer, while en route, that is! At least, that’s my planned frogging; no doubt some unplanned frogging will come along.)

So yes, we’re heading “Up North” for a fun-filled week at YMCA Family Camp, and you’ll *no doubt* hear about it when I get back! Probably not so epic as the Montreal travelogue, however.

Before I leave, let me share with you some Eye Candy from another knitblogger:

Have you seen Deb’s Lizard Ridge? It’s here, and be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them. Or check it out at the Minnesota State Fair in person. Now that’s beauty.

Till I get back, Knit On!

3 responses to “Goin’ Campin’

  1. Thanks for the link! Have a great trip– and hopefully Wollmeise will be here upon your return!

  2. I have never seen that musical. You are much more versed in the fine arts than I am.

    Are you going to be at knitting on Wed.?

    I made a sock on vacation and actually am 2″ into the 2nd one! Hold your breath! I am using Lorna’s laces sock yarn which I now think is my favorite (if it holds up to washing, that is). I have decided that I really am a top-down, not toe-up kind of knitter.


  3. The yarn came today and is absolutely gorgeous. i am going to have to write a pattern just for it. A hat? Maybe wrist warmers? The colors just pop!

    Thank you, thank you, thankyou.

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