Daily Archives: August 4, 2007

And now, back to our regularly scheduled yarn programming….

So, while I was blogging this week at length about our recent trip —

some fiber-related activity has been taking place behind the scenes!

First, I have knit here and there, though some of it has not been documented yet.

But I finished the Gothlet’s socks, which I’m dubbing the Jellybean Socks:


I gave them to her to try on, before even weaving in the ends. She didn’t take them off for the rest of the day. I guess she likes them! Now, as I wove in the ends, I realized the ‘wrong’ side doesn’t look too bad either!


We’re so conditioned to stockinette that this looks wrong, but it’s really kind of cool! And there are socks which deliberately place the foot in reverse stockinette, as it’s smoother to walk on with the knit side in. The Gothlet is my sensitive one, so perhaps she’ll like it that way. The socks are finished so as to allow either side out. Now I have to wash them, since they got a bit dirty from the extended try-on!

I knit away on the Preteen’s Fern sock, and am on the homestretch. Of course, that’s only with one; but I was working the kinks out with the first, as I designed it on the fly; now the second should be quicker. That is, if I can remember what I did. The Preteen asked if she could model them for the blog when they’re done…. oh, I guess so, if you’re good!

I was involved in yarn other ways than knitting this week: as part of the Hand-Dyed Yarn Swap, I have worked several days this week on a very special skein of yarn. I regret to say that some high-falutin’ ideas I had had, did not work out; though I will try again sometime. But I am very happy with the skein I dyed for my pal. I will wait to post pictures until she receives it, but it went out in the mail today!


So here are some other hand-dyed skeins; the first was my failed experiment, which I overdyed subsequently. When I have the emotional energy (it’s just all TOO much right now), I may tell the whole sad story. But the rest of the skeins are not mistakes, just dyed using left-over dye, and I kind like ’em!


Above, dark teal sock yarn; it’s just fine, rather pretty, but I had initially tried for something else.


KnitPicks sock yarn dyed using the leftover teal, for a pale turquoise effect, slightly variegated on purpose.


Worsted weight wool which originally was an eBay acquisition, a Potluck from Cherry Tree Hill, but was just very pale cream to slightly tan; not very distinguished. Overdyed with a blue/black, it came out really cool, I think!

And last, perhaps my favorite:


Bulky KnitPicks Peruvian wool dyed with some of the last of the dark blue. There are two skeins here which of course, given the erratic dyeing, are different intensities, but if I knit both in the same project, I will alternate skeins and I think it will look fine. This reminds me of winter here, on a cold clear day in January when the shadows on the snow are blue and so is the sky. (Brrr!)

Speaking of blue sky, there was none of that in today’s Saturday Sky; here it is, just about to rain.



Good day to stay inside and blog and pack.