Fly, be free!

Did you feel the disturbance in the MysteryStole-o-sphere this morning?

First, The Theme Was Revealed. For once, I am feeling smart; the theme is Swan Lake and that has been the only real guess I had come up with, as documented twice in these very pages. This guess was based on black or white being the recommended colors, and ‘perhaps not appropriate for a wedding’. (I was questioned on Swan Lake fitting in with this, and though it’s a ‘romantic ballet’, basically, the lovers die — as usual in classical ballets — so as such, not necessarily wedding material!) (In my usual parenthetical way, let me add that last year I saw Swan Lake in a Russian touring production, and the ending had been changed to make it happier, interestingly.) I wasn’t convinced of Swan Lake as the theme, though, because the motifs didn’t seem to me to be swanly. But the lovely Celtic-looking border is apparently called “Wings of the Swan”; and the ‘floral’ pattern just knit in clue 4 is called “Cat’s Paw”, inspired to be part of the shawl by the dance step “pas de chat” which is part of the “Danse des petite cygnes”, Dance of the Little Swans or Cygnets in Swan Lake. (The scrollwork inside the triangle end was abstract but inspired by Odile’s costume in one production; the honeycomb pattern was — just lace.)

So cool!

Here’s the last photo reposted so you and I can look again and see these motifs.


But that’s not the upheaval in The Force of The Stole.

Melanie, as I suspected, had something up her sleeve in this next clue, and the second end of the stole is destined to become — a wing!!

OK, besides the French, English, Irish and Welsh blood I mentioned in my last post, I have a lot of German too, OK? And my German love of symmetry was severely challenged. A point on one end and a ‘wing’ — an elongated quarter-circle — on the other was sounding very goofy when I pictured it worn with the ends hanging down. But then, after seeing a sketch Melanie did, and picturing it with the point hanging down and the ‘wing’ thrown over — it could be very cool!

I have to remeasure — I may want to ‘take back’ the shortening I did, with this in mind.

There is a Symmetry option: to reknit the first part and graft the two pieces together in the middle. I may well do this with my laceweight shawl, which may be for someone else.

As you can imagine, however, there is great angst as some really don’t like this. It is more asymmetric, if you will, even than Melanie’s Hanami stole, which is beautiful but not for everyone; I’m not sure I would knit it for someone else unless I knew them really well. But such is the nature of a mystery, y’know? And there’s always the extremely symmetric option, so — c’est la vie, c’est la guerre. (I am just so French now after the Montreal trip….)

So the title of today’s post is about taking wing! Being free to connect with your inner anarchic knitter! Taking Clue 5 and running er, flying with it! Go for it, take a chance! I’m going to — wish me luck!

Here’s something for EyeCandy Friday to leave you with:

Balloon flowers in bud, bloom, and seed:


I think of these as maiden, mother, crone. Balloonflower version.

One response to “Fly, be free!

  1. Your stole in blue is gorgeous. I love how the pattern pops out in the darker colors. I started with black, but the yarn was too fine and I knew I’d never get anywhere! I’m happy with my cream color, but I do drool over the photos of other colors. Maybe I’ll do it again in black when I’m more confident in my lace knitting! I’m going with the pattern as written, too, even though I agree with you about symmetry in general.

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