Daily Archives: August 1, 2007

A short chapter of the epic: Quatre jours en Montreal, troisieme.

Short post for two reasons:

1) we spent much of the day in le Musee des Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts Museum), where you are not allowed to take pictures, and

2) my camera battery charger got unplugged so I had no charged battery!

Le Musee des Beaux-Arts was perhaps half a mile away, and we had a museum pass* so I definitely wanted to go. I had not previously visited this museum, as there are so many things to do in Montreal, there was never time. But with the pass* and the proximity, and the fact that the girls had never been to a Real Art Museum, it was a definite agenda item this time.

* Let me plug ‘the pass’, though. The Montreal Museums Pass gives you admission for three days to any of over 30 Montreal museums, including Pointe a Calliere, the Botanical Gardens, the Insectarium, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Biodome, and the Science Centre; and (optional) three days unlimited Metro riding for $45 Canadian! You can get it at any of the participating museums or the tourist info centres. We got it at the tourist info centre a couple blocks from the hotel, so we could ride the metro at no extra charge to our first museum. This was awesome. The only problem for us was that you can only go to each museum once, and the Botanical Garden and Insectarium were together as one admission, so because of my family being S-L-O-W to get going in the morning, we only got to the Biodome/Botanical Garden/Insectarium at mid-day and ran out of time to see the Insectarium that day, and had to pay to return another day. But this is minor and easily preventable if you don’t live with a preteen and a musician (or if you bully them out of bed earlier). Actually, our sightseeing was very relaxed. I had one goal each day, one place I wanted us to go, and then we took our time or went slower or faster, ate when and where we wished, just had a good time.

However: my family does not like art museums as much as I do, apparently. The Gothlet, who is craft-y, announced after 45 minutes that she would rather make art than look at it. (It was also about 60 degrees F (maybe 16 degrees C?) in there, rather unpleasant.) I enjoyed it a lot, and saw lots of interesting details and some paintings by artists I’d never seen in real life. I did make them go to a small gallery which showed art evolving from the Impressionist through Picasso. There is something about being face to face with the artist’s brushstrokes and fingerprints which is visceral.

The gift shop was great!

And then, at her strong urging, the Preteen got to go shopping on Rue Ste. Catherine and Rue Maisonneuve. The Gothlet and my husband bowed out of this, but the Preteen was happier than she’d been all day.


(In the area of our hotel; I was actually taking a picture of the Montreal Hard Rock cafe, since I’ve never seen one in a building this old. We didn’t go there….)

Lastly, we went to the Science Centre of Montreal, in the Vieux Port,


in the evening, to see a Imax movie about dinosaurs (still on the Museum pass!). If I’d known it was 3-D, I would have stayed out and knit; I can’t do 3-D very well, my eyes go buggy. But it was cool, even with that.

Another amazing, though minimally pictorially documented, day. And despite being in the same room for days now, we’re all still talking to each other!