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Whine and Cheese(head)

Warning: Whining from a Cheesehead follows!*

*Beth, did you know we cheeseheads were in Wikipedia?
I was not feeling good yesterday; 4 days of a summer head cold and a full-blown migraine and my allergy shots yesterday (which always make me feel a little weird — or weird-er, I guess) and a week solid of not enough sleep and a medical procedure involving sedation earlier in the week, and a mentally and physically exhausting day at work the day before yesterday. So I left work without finishing everything I should have (though unfortunately I still didn’t leave early), and came home and tried to crash. But couldn’t. So in the evening, the girls, my parents and I went to a Community Theatre production of “The Music Man“, one of my favorite musicals (I didn’t even know it was going to be put on in this area when I recently misappropriated one of its many memorable songs). The play distracted me, anyway, and was overall very well done.

Today, I had to work, but I at least caught up with what I had left from yesterday, and the cold is a lot better, as is the migraine. Still need more sleep, though.

So would you like some cheese with that whine, madame?

But tonight was a Beautiful Night, and despite the laundry and cleaning which desperately needs doing, I took time for me and my needles and sat outside. Mental health imperative. And I took some pictures. So here’s some knitting! (And about time, I must say!)


Here I am all happily set up to continue the Vanilla Version of MS3, just starting the second chart of Clue 1. It’s going to be kind of like re-reading Harry Potter 7 — I won’t race through it with the same kind of excitement and anticipation — but I can savor it, on the other hand! Here’s my chart management strategy (slip both sheets into one page protector and turn it over in the middle of the row, a good time to ‘read’ my knitting anyway), with highlighter tape; here’s my bead management for these smaller 8-0 beads, my Addi crochet hook 0.75 mm; and my Addi Turbo Lace needles US size 4, which I am finding perfect for this!

Close-ups of my little ‘bead box’:


I love this little box, and it has a story. I bought this as a souvenir in Southern France, when I was there on a high school French trip. I think perhaps in Nice. The top seems to be abalone or something similar, and the embossed metal bottom looks like brass?? It hasn’t tarnished in 25 years. It was sold as a pill box; I remember the elderly gentleman in the shop asking me to be sure I really wanted a pill box! I just wanted it to hold little things. It’s perfect for its current use; the top fits positively and securely, and there are no gaps the beads can escape through, and it’s weighty enough to stay put and not to fall over when the top’s open. (I have too many beads in it right now, I was — as usual — overpacking for my recent trip and didn’t want to run out of beads! It’s easier to skewer the beads with the crochet hook if there’s only one layer of beads, of course.) And I love these beads; milky opalescent with gold inside. Gorgeous, and for just a few dollars!

So all this stole love tonight helped me feel better!

More knitting from the last 2 weeks:

Finally visible progress on Ribby Shell, which I knit a little bit on here, and there, and in Chicago O’Hare airport, and while awaiting the medical procedure, and at work today, and at the play intermission last night.


And the Preteen’s Fern Sock in its natural environment:


Had to re-do the second toe of the Gothlet’s socks:


Jeanne asked about this yarn. This is Schachenmayr Micro Color, a microfiber (acrylic) sportweight yarn. I don’t think this colorway is available any more, as I got this as an orphan from elann.com a couple years ago (I’m a sucker for orphan skeins). The colorway is called “Tutti Frutti”. I’ve lost the ball band, but elann has everything I’ve ever ordered from them documented on my account, which is either scary when I add it all up, or really cool like now! Schachenmayr also makes Micro Fino Color, which is apparently a fingering weight. I like this yarn even though it’s synthetic; it’s easy to work with and soft but not splitty. Good for my sensitive skin girl.  The colors are certainly cheerful! These are anklets because I only have one skein; I weighed the first sock as I knit it and stopped when I had used half the yarn.

I hope to put Montreal together in blog form tomorrow, with (highly selected) photos. (I managed to take over 800 in 5 days….). But in the meantime, let me leave you with a garden photo, sadly absent lately (this would have been Eye Candy Friday if I’d been with it yesterday):


And a Saturday Sky this morning:


And a Saturday Sky with bats tonight!