Finished with Four, and Ready for More!

More Mystery Stole 3, that is!

Here’s the shortened version, up through Clue 4:


Up at the top is a row of eyelets, then a PLAIN KNIT ROW.  That’s just above a Melanie-recommended lifeline on a right side row.  What’s happening?  Where do we go from here?  I am bamboozled!

Now I get to knit it again in the vanilla laceweight version while impatiently awaiting the next clue and the theme revelation in a week!

Photographed next to the stole is my mobile bead management system:


That’s a round tea bag container (it’s weighty enough not to blow away when I knit outside, or tip over easily; and the top fits very securely).  The crochet hook is an Addi (comes with a cap), 1.0 mm, which I got from elann — perfect for these 6-0 beads.  (I’m using a 0.75 mm hook for the 8-0 beads with my laceweight.)

I did knit while on vacation, in addition to MS3:

gothlet-socks-in-progress.jpg Gothlet socks in a microfiber, sock #1 started in Montreal, knit on the plane, and finished at home.

washcloth-wip.jpg Basic washcloth started in the car on the way home, practicing and timing myself for DishRag Tag, starting soon!

And Ribby Shell continues, but it’s in Black Hole mode, so it doesn’t look any different, thus no photo.

I also knit on The Preteen’s Fern sock, but no pics yet; I might frog part of it a second time, we’ll see.   That’s what happens when you design things, eh?

More vacation photos tomorrow!

One response to “Finished with Four, and Ready for More!

  1. MS3 is beautiful – and very clever on the bead holder! What yarn are you using on the sock – its very cute!

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