Coming Clean! and What I Did On My Vacation, part 1

Sorry, almost no knitting pictures today (although I am on the LAST ROW of my cheater’s version of Clue 4 of Mystery Stole 3! But now it’s too dark to take a picture; so that will be for tomorrow).

Except this, finished right as I left for vacation:


Remember my ‘dirty little secret‘?


This little baby hat was stained in one area when it, and I, were caught in a deluge. I was about to bite the bullet and cut out the offending part and reknit it. But I wasn’t looking foward to it. Sarah-Hope had the suggestion of brushing the stained part with dilute bleach, and I was hesitant, as I could see me getting it on the colored brim. But I decided to take the chance, being very careful. Since the cotton/Lycra yarn is a true white white, I thought it might work. So, holding the hat upside down in the sink, and rinsing promptly in that position, I bleached it without ill effect to the brim, so yay! And thanks, Sarah-Hope!

This was knit in elann Esprit and Esprit Print, a cotton-Lycra yarn much like Cascade Fixation, in white and the Canyon Sunrise colorway. The hat is kind of made up as I went along, but you’ve seen hats like this before: knit a 10 stitch strip in garter stitch to desired length and weave or seam together; then pick up stitches around the edge and knit upward as you would for any hat, decrease at the top according to your favorite pattern. In the prior post, I show it with the brim flipped up for a newborn size and down for a slightly older infant. The socks are Cat Bordhi‘s Baby Life Ring Socks free pattern. The pattern didn’t exist yet when my kids were babies, but a mother of little ones whom I knit these for says they’re the only socks that stayed on her baby. (The right choice of yarn, one of the Lycra-type blends, is really important for this, I think.)

So please allow me to share a few pictures from the beginning of our recent trip to Montreal (but I won’t be offended if you bag out):

First we went to Minneapolis, to pick up the girls from camp:camp-bus-return.jpg

and take my brother and sister-in-law out to dinner for my brother’s birthday:


At this restaurant, by the way, the waiter was fascinated by the two-circular sock knitting technique, so he got a tutorial in addition to his tip! He was really into it.
That and this saturday-sky-july-14.jpg are Saturday skies, by the way.

We stayed overnight near the airport, to park n’ fly. There was a woman sitting outside knitting when we left, but I was on a deadline and couldn’t stop to check out her project. Minneapolis is a knitting mecca, I think. Even in the all-too-brief summer!

We then flew through O’Hare, over Chicago


and over Lake Michigan (I love the way the clouds merge into the far side of the lake shore, it looks like some lake out of a fairy tale):


Wouldn’t these be great colors to dye yarn?

Anyway, we flew from the Des Plaines River to the St. Lawrence Seaway:


On arrival at our hotel, there was an internet communication glitch; though they had our reservation, they had the wrong number of people, and there would be a delay for our room to be ready. So we took a walk in the neighborhood, basically downtown Montreal (“Centre-Ville”):


We were neither diplomats nor did we have a car, but it was nice to know we could have parked here if we did and we were.

These were some sporting fans celebrating something:


I later found out that they were cheering Chile’s victory in the FIFA U-20 World Cup soccer (football) quarterfinals, which were being held at the Olympic Stadium. I also found a couple websites where you can identify flags by their appearance. (I knew I’d seen that flag before, but it just was not coming to me.) (Chile just won third place, BTW.)


Love this little guy holding up an overhang.

And here’s some good, albeit blurry, advice, seen on a women’s sporting goods store window:


“Dance, sing,

use dental floss

and travel.”

How great is that?

4 responses to “Coming Clean! and What I Did On My Vacation, part 1

  1. Great pictures.

    I especially love the picture of Chicago. What a neat view!

  2. Great vacation shots!

    I’m delighted that the bleaching worked out. I love bleach. 🙂

  3. I love bleach too. but it can be dangerous!

    Great pics, by the way.

  4. So glad the bleaching worked out!

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