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Mystery Stole 3 Cheater’s Edition

Mystery Stole Monday!

Why, you ask, is this the Cheater’s Edition?

Well, it’s because despite the Deathly Hallows, despite vacation which delayed my downloading Clue 4, despite laundry….

I’m almost done with Clue 4! Sixteen rows to go.

Why, you ask again, does that make this the Cheater’s Edition?

Here’s why. This is how it looks with 16 rows to go:


See the lifeline in the picture? That’s at the end of Clue 3. Wasn’t this a longer than usual clue?

Well; not if you’re shortening the stole! Skipping from Row 218 to Row 303 speeds things up considerably.

I’m shortening the stole not because of height reasons (I am in fact the average American woman height-wise), but because I am knitting the black version in fingering weight yarn, which will make a wider stole/shawl and also a LONGER one than laceweight. Based on Melanie’s information in clue 4, I calculated that without shortening, my shawl would be approximately 8 – 9 feet long — no lie. So, as I don’t want it to drag on the ground, I am shortening it as I suspected I would; the designated shortening step will take about 11 inches off the length. I can alter things a bit with how I block too, of course.

So, I’m almost done with Clue 4 despite being a fairly average speed knitter and all my other distractions. But to make up for it:

I’ll knit the full pattern, no shortening, in my cream laceweight as we all wait for Clue 5 and the theme revealed! I have to say, I am happily bemused at the latest twist in the pattern (the last 8 rows are intriguing as to what’s happening next).

Here’s a view of the beads as they reflect the evening sky tonight:


They’re a gunmetal gray/black but are picking up the deep blue in the sky. So pretty!

In other news of the realm:

The Gothlet has a new pet!


Well, not really, though not for lack of asking. This is a tiny inchworm-like critter, which she dubbed “Squeegee”. No, hon, Squeegee wants to stay outside. Yes, I think you should let him go.

Lastly, a picture from someone else’s garden: Parc Mont Royal, to be precise. Wild roses encountered on the walk up Mont Royal….