Returning to Reality

Well, having Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows come out right after we returned from vacation was not destined to help the transition back to real life! Or back to blogging, for that matter!

I finished Book 7 early yesterday morning, and it was truly excellent. Now the Preteen has been buried in her room almost all day (that’s not unusual, but the lack of pop music coming from the room is!) and rumor has it she’s on the home stretch of the last book now, too. Daughter #2 is re-reading the 6th book and will be ready to start book #7 shortly. My husband is not a part of all this — yet.

Anyway, blogging and cleaning has suffered, though laundry has been — well, not DONE as in finished, but at least laundry has happened! And even knitting has been temporarily put aside while The Book was read. Now back to reality. And work tomorrow.

It will take me a while to distill our recent trip to a hopefully not-terribly-boring blog account; and I regret to say I never found a knitting shop in the areas of Montreal we were in! But I had little time to look, given being there with my whole family only for a few days.

So: knitting news:

Here’s Mystery Stole 3 right before starting Friday’s clue, which I only got to download Saturday, but then didn’t do anything with until after reading The Book:


This is my primary, fingering weight version in black; but while on vacation, I also knit a very little in my laceweight cream version:


However, I thought I’d messed it up so put it away to deal with when I got home. However, when I got it out today and compared it to version 1.0 —


— I don’t think I messed up after all! (Good thing, because I hadn’t put in lifelines yet.) It looks like the black version, I think just a little goofy-looking right this moment because of where I am at in the pattern.

I came home to these in bloom:


Stargazer lilies. Can’t you just smell them?! Very richly fragrant.

And lastly, here’s yesterday’s Saturday Sky:


It’s good to be home.

3 responses to “Returning to Reality

  1. Your lillies are beautiful!

  2. I just finished HP7 this afternoon. I really raced through it: was reading until 2a.m., then woke up at 6, read two more chapters, slept again, woke again at 9 and finished it.

    Your MS3 is drop-dead gorgeous in black!

  3. Glad you are back too. The book was all that and more. Welcome back.

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