Confetti Socks Completed!

confetti-socks-complete.jpgAs I said, these turned out more half-siblings than fraternal twins, due to the vagaries of the (unintended) Kool-Aid dyeing effect (I started dyeing these separately, then switched to together, and didn’t plan them to turn out the way they did anyway).

But I still love them!


Now I have to wait till October to wear them, probably; or maybe they would be good socks when we go up North in August. These could be cozy in the sleeping bag on a chilly night!


The observant among you may have immediately seen that one sock has slightly more ribbing than the other; obvious above. Not only that, the bind-off is different. On the sock I did second (in the front above), I used EZ’s sewn cast-off which is supposed to be stretchy; I’ve considered it before, but it seemed fussy and I always had misplaced my yarn needle when I was actually finishing a project. Well, now I have many yarn needles since I do keep losing and re-finding them, and I usually carry a couple with me, and I wanted this sock to be as perfect as possible. So I tried it and liked it. The first sock was just loosely bound off in pattern and looks a bit sloppy, though not so bad on. The length’s a bit different because I knit toe up and used every inch of yarn, basically. And either the yardage in the skeins was slightly different, or (more likely), I had slightly different gauge, though I can’t tell wearing them. After I took this picture, I frogged sock #1 a bit and redid the ribbing to match sock #2’s length and did the sewn bind-off.

Loosely bound off in patternSewn cast-off

Love it when I learn something new! Especially when I’ve been meaning to try it for YEARS.

Specs: Sport weight 100% merino from KnitPicks, Kool-Aid dyed by me in an unintendedly creative way.

Love ’em.

Now off to pack for vacation and sneak in a few rows of Clue 3 for Mystery Stole 3.

4 responses to “Confetti Socks Completed!

  1. Ooooh, what lovely socks! I like the transition effect with the dyes. 🙂 The difference in ribbing is totally not noticeable – I wouldn’t have noticed unless you’d pointed it out.

  2. HOORAY!!! You finished and they look terrific. Those socks SO inspired me! I have been wanting to dabble in dyeing, and you made it seem so fun and easy. I grabbed a couple of mango flavored KAid and got down to business. The other flavor was strawberry-kiwi, and I decided at the last minute to wet my wool by quickly dunking it in and out of the water. I used a pyrex 4-cuper and plopped the yarn into the mango. I then poured the pink over the top like fudge sauce over ice cream. I am so pleased with the result that I am trying a blue/green combination next. I just finished the pair of small slipper socks for the 2yr old. She calls them her pink socks, but they are clearly more bright orange and yellow than pink. I can’t thank you enough for giving me so much pleasure and inspiration. Have a great get-away and get rested and ready to TAG!

  3. Which ribbing do you like the best? I always feel I cast off too loosely, and sloppily, or too tight, when I have done toe-up socks. I am on an impasse with socks right now–need to cast on a second sock and am not excited about it. I would do better in a one-legged world…

  4. awesome colours, chicka! nice work!

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