Daily Archives: July 11, 2007

A Dirty Little Secret


Remember this little baby hat I was working on, on the Fourth of July, when a downpour occurred?

It didn’t quite make it under the blanket, and the hat got soaked. (The skein, however, was fairly protected in my backpack.)

Well, after it dried, I started knitting again and finished it fairly quickly. But it has a dirty little secret:


Looks okay here, with brim folded up for newborn size and folded down for a little older infant. But look on the other side:


(Click to enlarge.) See it? How about now?


As far as I can tell, this is the length of yarn that stretched between the project, which was apparently on the blanket we were sitting on, and my backpack sitting on the grass. This seems to be from dirty water which bounced up off the ground during the deluge. I couldn’t see it looking at the yarn or even when knitting; but boy, once I knit another row or two, I saw it, and the farther I knit, the worse it looked. It’s just the one bit, though.

So tonight I will wash it and think really good thoughts. If it doesn’t come out, I can cut that part out and reknit; but weaving in will show a little on the right side, so I really don’t want to. Plus, it’s supposed to be done tomorrow….

Wish me luck!