Mystery Stole 3 “Knit A Little, Tink A Little” Edition

Have you seen “The Music Man“?

(Not to be confused with “Have You Seen the Muffin Man?“!)

Well, with apologies to Meredith Willson, here’s my weekend version of one of the songs from that great musical:

“Knit a little, tink a little, Knit a little, tink a little, Knit, Knit, Knit, tink a lot, knit a little more!”

Now, purely because I have been putting the lifelines in my Mystery Stole 3 stole, I have not had to use them yet — no major froggage. This is a good thing.

But it seemed that every few rows, my stitch count was off, either due to a yarnover that wasn’t supposed to be there, or a missed decrease. It’s all me, of course, not the pattern which is beautifully charted. Probably a function of taking the stole along with me and trying to knit on the go. Ah well. The max I had to tink was two rows. But it goes a lot slower when you keep messing up! Here’s where I am, about halfway through the second clue:


I’ll pin it out next time I take a picture, when I’ve finished the second clue. The pattern is just gorgeous.

I found something which is (hopefully) helping me now, a tip gotten from a post to the Mystery Stole 3 Yahoo group; this highlighter tape:

This is very cool! It can be placed and replaced easily. It’s found in the QUILTING area of craft stores (not an area I’m typically scoping out, and even when I knew what I was looking for, I almost missed it). Thanks, MS3 quilter/knitters!

Here’s the second Confetti sock in progress:


This is going to be not even a fraternal twin to the other sock, more like a half-sister, since this one had a little deeper penetration of dye into the inside, so the ‘confetti’ starts almost right away. But such is the nature of hand-made items — I’ll still wear ’em! And I didn’t make sure they were placed exactly the same amount into the dye, etc.; I bet if I were TRYING to do this, I could make them slightly more similar. (Maybe.)

Here’s what I did yesterday, as I mentioned: put the girls on the camp bus!

camp-bus.jpg And then I tried to stay cool in the heat.

(The bus was air-conditioned, which is more than I can say for our old house!)

5 responses to “Mystery Stole 3 “Knit A Little, Tink A Little” Edition

  1. Thanks for the giggle about the song! I enjoyed it.

    I am just about in the exact same place as you were when you posted this…and I hope to get in a few rows this evening.

    I love the black…every sample that I’ve looked at in black just seems to make the pattern pop. I’m using a “champagne” color, and while it’s lovely, it’s not dyn-o-mite.

    Enjoy the KAL!

  2. I’m right with you singing along with the Music Man. It takes super concentration to make it to the end of a row without missing something! Your stole progress looks great. I’m plugging along slowly and having fun watching and reading about everyone’s experiences.

  3. ‘One Grecian urn. Two Grecian urns. And for a fountain, trickle, trickle, trickle, trickle!’ Oh great thanks. Now I am going to be performing the whole musical in my head all day. (actually really thank you – it takes my mind off work) I was in the chorus of Music Man many years ago.

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