Daily Archives: July 5, 2007

That Was The Day That Was

orange-light.jpgYou know, if it had looked like this last night, we would not have gone down to see the fireworks:



This is the real color of the light, by the way; no sepia, no photo editing. Tornado kind of light.

But that was the day before yesterday, July 3rd, between thunderstorms.

Whereas last night, the evening of the 4th, looked like this, down at the park on the Mississippi River:


Beautiful evening, a light breeze, not too humid; then a gorgeous sunset:


May I call your attention to these lovely clouds?


An hour later, this was my chair:


You don’t want to see what the animate objects (i.e. us) looked like after about an inch of rain in 15 minutes, under the inadequate shelter of a single blanket. Even I didn’t want to document it. When I saw more lightning coming at us across the river, I voted to leave, and we did. (The fireworks did happen; the lightning went elsewhere, apparently.)

This is the knitting that didn’t quite make it under the nylon-lined blanket, along with various parts of my anatomy:


Good thing Inox needles don’t rust.

This is the baby sock which matches the wet baby hat, which fortunately stayed home last night:


I keep saying I’m going to post my experimental knitting (actually, the knitting is straightforward, the concept is an experiment), but I want it to be further along. Soon.


LAST DAY TO SIGN UP FOR MYSTERY STOLE 3! (Click the sidebar box for more info.) Come on in, the lace is fun! Clue 2 is in view….