Done with One

Clue One, that is, of Mystery Stole 3:

Here it is in the black fingering weight, unblocked, of course:



Remembering that when it’s blocked, it will look like the top part of the swatch on the left (same yarn {Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solid merino}, different color). I think the pattern is gorgeous! And I’m a definite bead fan now.  Watch out, beads are going to start cropping up in all my knitting!  (Restraint, girl, restraint!)  The ones I chose are fairly subtle, gunmetal gray; maybe I should have gone with the slightly gaudier purplish ones, but hey, subtlety is my middle name. And I think they’ll be more obvious when the lace is blocked, plus they catch the light like little black diamonds. I’m in love….

Here’s a 2007 FO that was pre-blog, but I love it for some reason. This was prompted also by a discussion at Wendy’s place about being drawn to colors in yarn that you didn’t usually like or wear. Not all that long ago, I would have rejected these colors as too bright, too primary; my favorites are deep, rich jewel tones like wine, dark green and deep blue. But, even though I still might not pick out an outfit from the store in these colors, I love this shawl!


Here it is being modeled by the Gothlet. She likes it, even though it smells vaguely goatish, because she loves wrapping up in it. She’s always cold.  (I’ve washed it lightly before blocking, but I think it could use a good de-goating.)  Finished April 2007.

Specs: Pattern is Spiral Nebula by Heartstrings, a pattern I recommend because it’s able to be tailored to different yarns and length, and makes a more-than-semi-circular shawl which wraps nicely. I bought the pattern at elann. Yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Alpine Lace in Sugar Maple colorway; this is a boucle, mohair/silk/wool/nylon which I knit loosely as a bulky yarn, but can be knit tightly as a heavy worsted weight, apparently. When the A/C is full on in church, the Gothlet and I can both wrap up in it. And the colors just make me smile — so sunny and bright! Interesting how tastes change….

Some more sunny pictures, it’s dark and thunderstormy here:


2 responses to “Done with One

  1. I wish I could join you in the MS3 — yours is going to be gorgeous. Probably as pretty as the Spiral shawl that you knit in some of my favorite colors. And it’s sweet that you & your daughter share it.

  2. Did you have any problems with the Spiral Nebula shawl pattern? For some reason, I can’t get past Row 2 as I keep running out of stitches. It’s quite frustrating as I adore the look of the shawl!

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