Mystery Stole 3 Holiday Edition

Canada Day yesterday (observed today) and U.S. Independence Day in two days — it’s holiday time for much of North America!

I didn’t get as much done as I would like on MS3 (is there anyone else reading this who keeps being reminded of Mystery Science Theatre 3000? — MST3K?) — I actually had to work today, no knitting! Though I woke up way early and knit a little before I got up and faced the day.

I’m about 3/4 through the first clue in my black, fingering weight yarn:


Totally unblocked and shriveled right now, of course, but the pattern is beautiful. Notice the lifeline — my first!

I have yet to make any major screwups (obviously, because I put the lifeline in); I did miss a bead, and let down a runner to replace it, and also missed a garter stitch edge (which is invisible in black — that won’t be the case in the off-white laceweight yarn….) About time for another lifeline! And about time for a major screwup, since I have invited the attention of the knitting fates now.

I’m almost ready to show the experimental knitting, but I think I’ll wait till tomorrow when there will be more to show. I’m childishly pleased with it. (Gotta take satisfaction where you can get it.)

Lastly, I am no stranger to yarn indiscretions — but enabled by Debra and her band of merry fiberholics, I am participating in a transatlantic yarn indiscretion, a first for me. (Cue Carly Simon again — “An-ti-ci-pa-ya-tion!”) The fruits of my indiscretion are being dyed as I type this, and then will be taking a relaxing cruise across the Atlantic. Oh, oh, oh! How can I wait?!

I’ll just go knit some more lace now.

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