Daily Archives: July 1, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Not a lot of knitting progress to show today — so you’ll have to wait till tomorrow! I did a little Mystery Stole 3 knitting while the girls and friends were at the community pool (I was there purely as transportation and walking wallet, so I did get a bit done), and also my experimental knitting is about half done (you’ll see that soon too). Next time I get suckered into take the girls to the pool, I need to remember to take a chair. I’m too old to sit on the ground and knit for 3+ hours. Or at least my back and hips are too old, the rest of me is young! Some nice person hanging out under the shade with me let me use her extra folding chair. My back says thank you….

The Ribby Shell is at the black hole stage, plus I in my fickleness have had a MS3/experimental knitting weekend, so it doesn’t look any different than when photographed a week ago (though I have been working on it, I have, I have!). SO — long and short of it (mostly long) is that there will be no knitting pictures today. (There will be tomorrow.)

So here are some pretty flowers:



Happy Canada Day, y’all!

I will sing O Canada in a celebratory fashion for you today. (I’m afraid I only have it memorized in French.)