I confess…

…that I am in bondage to yarn and cannot free myself.

(Sorry, Pastor Mark!)

I swore I was NOT going to cast on for another pair of socks until I finished one of the three pairs I have on the needles!

But —

Here’s my rationalization: All three of the sock WIPs are wool; one almost-done pair is hiding (I’m knitting them two at a time, and suspect that they are trying to avoid their imminent separation), one second skein of yarn (for the second sock) is misplaced, and the third pair is barely started and also . . . wool.

I wanted to knit a pair of socks that could get worn before October. And I had some nice Panda Cotton yarn from Loopy Yarns. The rest is history. The history of giving in to temptation. (And believe me, there’s a lot of that history!)

Here it is, in colorway “Fern”:


And, as I photographed the sock overlooking the garden, after the evening thunderstorm, it struck me that the garden contained some of the same colors:

Pretty close!

I agree with Wendy that the Panda Cotton is sometimes splitty/a little hard to work; mostly when I’m knitting the lace stitches. It’s bamboo/cotton/elastane, but it doesn’t really feel obviously stretchy, not like Cascade Fixation. However, it’s not seeming to be as tough on my hands as pure cotton would be, and it feels GREAT knit up. This is for The Preteen, whose favorite color has been green for at least 6 months! The lace pattern is variously referred to as Horseshoe and Fishtail, apparently, and is in the swatch pattern for Melanie’s Mystery Stole 3 (not that it will be in the pattern necessarily, but who knows!) I’ll post my swatches tomorrow, perhaps. They have been fun, though I have not made a final decision as to yarn, and in fact may make one black and one white stole. We’ll see! Sign-ups close July 6th, and the first clue comes out June 29th, so if you might be interested, check it out soonest!

So, in other knitting news, I knitted a few more ruffles (getting the hang of that technique pretty well now, but I still won’t finish in Steph’s 2 hours!) And I’m working on a generic leftover Lion Brand Homespun scarf that is hanging out at work for when I have a minute but not much concentration ability. (Leftover from the Prayer Shawl.) That stuff is annoying to knit, but soft, I admit.

4 responses to “I confess…

  1. Oh, I am glad that you will be doing mystery shawl 3. I did not sign up for it and will definitely enjoy watching the progress with you.

    btw, I usually read you in google reader, and have to switch to your actual page today to comment….did you notice your avatar is still dreesed for an artiic winter?? 🙂

  2. Hey! I noticed the avatar , too! though she still looks stylish 🙂
    The “new” sicks look great and I’m sure the preteen will love them. I imagine that you’d have to do something funky like the space invader socks for the gothlet.
    I always have 6 (or so) projects gong. Its the only way I ever get through any of them. I love them all but I need breaks and what the Hubby calls “away time”. 🙂 That way when I go back to them they feel new again.

  3. Yes, I just brought the avatar over from Yahoo, and yes, it was indeed created in the depths of winter. I’m tempted to leave it that way, though, as it reminds me to enjoy this short period of summer in the Frozen North! We expect to have snow on the ground 5 months out of the year, and can get snow from October to April commonly. And I know there are those with even more winter than we have here!

  4. I have been shamed into making the avatar seasonally appropriate. Here she is, enjoying the summer garden!

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