Dish Rag Tag


Click the button to find out more about this fun competition from Emily over at Yarn Miracle!  I’m not usually Ms. Competitive, but this sounds like a blast:  a dishcloth knitting relay with teams from all over the US (Possibly Canada!).  But if you’re interested, check it out and sign up now!  She’s limiting it for very sane reasons to 200, and as of today (within 3 days of her announcing the idea) almost 100 had signed up (I’m sure more now–I’m one!).

Kickoff is August 1st for the contest/swap, and signup deadline is July 15, but it will be full long before that. 

So if you’re a competitive knitter, or just like dishrags/dishcloths/washcloths/warshrags, check it out!

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