Tour de Knit Chicago Day 3/ WWKIP Day

Day 3 Chicago:

Got up, went to the meeting, and knitted away on the prayer shawl to the end of the second skein.

I’m edging this with a complementary eyelash yarn to avoid fringing with Homespun, which is a lost cause (it frays immediately). I like it, but am realizing that I may not need all 3 skeins without the fringe, as the shawl may be ludicrously long if so. Here it is at the end of the second skein, about 4 feet long.


Cool! Always good when deadline knitting looks to be getting done earlier than expected! That is essentially never the case for me, I have to say.

Then I skipped out on what would have been a very excellent lunch at the meeting, if the day before was any guide, so as to be at WWKIP Day in a timely fashion.

**A side note (aren’t they all!): When I see WWKIP Day, I get it right away — WW is WorldWide like WorldWideWeb (saying which always makes me feel like Elmer Fudd somehow). And of course KIP is Knit In Public.


But when I see it abbreviated WWKIPD, the fact that it begins with WW and ends with D makes me read it as “What Would *** Do?” But nothing comes to mind for the initials in the middle, so I get brainlocked.

What would you put in the middle? I may be able to write haiku and country music parodies, but this is stumping me so far.

So, WWKIP Day was fabulous — incredible weather like June is supposed to have but usually doesn’t, beautiful setting, and the best people! You already saw my pics, but I’ll highlight a few things. Nat made buttons


and gave them to everyone who came. She also had the best T-shirt and cool tattoos,

awesome-t-shirt.jpg as did Karen! tat-photography.jpg

See their blogs as well as Bonne Marie’s and Mary‘s and Rachel’s and no doubt, others’ for many great photos and stories.

I wanted to stay and knit and talk and follow the patches of shade around all afternoon (then yarn crawl!), while the children enjoyed Millennium Park and the beautiful day (the following 2 photos taken by The Preteen):


but — sadly —

had to leave to go here

chicago-theatre-district.jpg oriental-in-afternoon.jpg oriental-lobby.jpg

and see this:


It’s a hard life!

“Wicked” was great. I rarely would say this about anything (I’m a readaholic, and prefer to imagine than to be dictated to), but I liked the show better than the book. Even my husband, who apparently is not in touch with popular culture other than music and didn’t know what “Wicked” was when I told him we had tickets, thought it was great. (My children, on the other hand, already knew some of the music, which was more than I did.)

Then we were starving (no lunch! I knitted rather than eating!) so we went here:mity-nice-diner-crop-2.jpg

(No, it’s not backwards, we were sitting inside the sign; but if you’re not as dyslexic as I am, here it is reversed through the miracle of computers: mity-nice-reversed.jpg

Then The Preteen had to get a quick shopping fix in filenes-escalator.jpgacross the street:filenes-basement.jpg

You know, a year ago she sneered at shopping and girls who hung out at the mall. Now, postpuberty, she IS one. Scary.

And we went ‘home’drake-light.jpg and vegetated.

Back to the future (today):

FO of the day, fingerless gloves that I worked on as I shop-walked on Tour de Knit Chicago Day 2 and finished shortly thereafter:


One thing I found out: panhandlers didn’t seem to bother me when I walked and knit (totally different story without knitting); I don’t know if they just figured my hands were busy, or if they realized I had spent all my money on yarn, or just that they were concerned that I was —

Not — Quite — Normal.

2 responses to “Tour de Knit Chicago Day 3/ WWKIP Day

  1. I love this idea about Pan-Handler Avoidance! I will put a sock in my pocket instead of change ;p

    Now I have to get down and see that SHOW!

  2. Wasn’t Nat’s Will Knit for Tatoos shirt just the best. Thanks for coming out to knit with us.

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