Red Scarf Project 2008 — breaking news!

This just in from our Roving Red Scarf correspondent:

There WILL be a Red Scarf Project 2008, but because of the literally overwhelming response for Project 2007, they are requesting scarf donations between September 1 and October 15, 2007. Yep, later THIS year instead of early next year! Read all about it at the link. (I think they could use money to defray mailing costs too, from the sounds of it.)

Here’s some notes from Norma and Karen, an OFA coordinator, after the conclusion of Red Scarf Project 2007:

Final total:

15,097 SCARVES (!)

For 2008:

We would like to ask everyone to concentrate on quality, not quantity, and we must reiterate some important things:

  • Unisex, unisex, unisex. (the majority of scarves received were more feminine than masculine, and that makes the task of sorting that much more difficult) Ask yourself if your son, your brother, your husband, your less-frilly girl would enjoy receiving the scarf you are knitting or crocheting. They will be posting links to a few free downloadable patterns (and we are asking you to bring some of these to our attention if you know of any, or if you are a designer, are you willing to design a unisex scarf pattern for the project?) and to try to stick to those patterns, or ones similar. Relative uniformity, without being boring, is the idea. They would like all their recipients to feel absolutely thrilled with their gift on all levels — fabric, style, color.
  • Soft. Very soft yarns, please.
  • No laceweight, super-chunky, or mohair yarns. (there are many people who find mohair too itchy, for example) Preferably DK, doubled fingering-weight, worsted weight, or light bulky yarns. It is hard for us knitters to remember sometimes that not all can appreciate scratchy wool, itchy mohair, and scratchy acrylics, but we must put ourselves in the mindset of the non-knitter. The OFA wishes the scarves to be substantial, drapey and warm, but not heavy and rug-like, and not scratchy.
  • No stockinette scarves or other stitches that are notorious for curling.
  • Save the Fun Fur for your chemo-cap knitting, please.

So I will leave you with this to chew on for now, and hope you will accept it with the great understanding that I am confident you will. “

There you have it, from The Norma herself. Start scoping out those soft, drapey yet substantial red yarns now!

2 responses to “Red Scarf Project 2008 — breaking news!

  1. Thank you for letting people know! I was concerned about many of the items you have listed. Just to “pump out” a scarf with cheap material misses the point and object of the exercise.

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