I Have Strange Children (They Probably Get It From Their Mother)

No real knitting content today — the Pink Fuzzy continues to frustrate me by its ability to slo-mo my progress. And I don’t DARE start anything else while this is delinquent! I hope tomorrow I’ll have something to show (no, it won’t be done).

But I needed to pass on the recreational project my younger daughter (the Gothlet) was working on today. (She did ask permission first — kind of.)

Here for your entertainment and edification:


B**bie Talking Styling Head Vampire Bride!

Now you see why I call daughter #2 the Gothlet! OOOkay — we’ll just move along, shall we?

(The other daughter’s a little strange too, but shows it differently; no news of the weird from her to relate today. As a preteen, her main preoccupation anyway right now is to figure out what she and her friends think is normal, and then try to be that way; kind of. At least, she’s not trying to figure out what the whole world thinks is normal; or if so, she doesn’t care about conforming to it. The obvious corollary is that she doesn’t care what I or her father think is ‘normal’ — acceptable would be the word I’d use, of course!)

I did have two knitting-related bits o’news today, even if no visible knitting progress:

I received this in the mail today, some stash enhancement courtesy of Debra (click to enlarge to see the full beauty):stash-enhancement.jpg

A little Colinette Skye, a little Koigu, some Mountain Color Bearfoot (mmm!), Manly Sock Yarn (ah, but I like it too!), and some KnitPicks Merino Style, which looks like good dyeing material. I am so proud of her for destashing some yarns which must have been hard to let go, and of course am feeling guilty for acquiring it — but it’s so lovely, and from an obviously discerning Midwestern knitter with excellent taste!

And, peripherally, I had an eBay milestone today: although I have been an enthusiastic eBay yarn buyer, today I made my first sales! Of yarn! Woo Hoo! (I’m sure my husband will approve, though he’s going to ask when I’m going to sell all the OTHER skeins of yarn. . . . he just doesn’t get it.) This was it:


I have more, mostly in other colorways! (Not on eBay at this point, though.)

Lastly, a walk in the garden:


4 responses to “I Have Strange Children (They Probably Get It From Their Mother)

  1. Wow. That is a project. If you have any psychologist friends, do NOT show this to them! (‘gothlet’ is funny).

  2. Do you think blogging is making you more organized?

  3. Blogging may be making my knitting goals and progress more organized. I don’t think it’s doing anything for the rest of my life — perhaps the reverse!

  4. Barbara Kennedy

    Please let me know where I can buy some Sock It to Me yarn.

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