“What I plan to do this summer” and Pavlova redux

The fact that I’ve procrastinated until the last minute to post my summer knitting goals for Ali’s Pre-Summer Contest at skeinsherway.com should tell you something about my knitting style (and lifestyle, come to think of it). I am: overly committed, think lots of things are great ideas, and somewhat motivated by deadlines. So we’ll see how I do with these goals! Hop over to Ali’s blog above, to check out the contest if you’re even more last-minute than me, and mention my name if you do!

First, the WIPs that need to graduate (WIPs sounds better than UFOs, and I do envision these being completed, as opposed to a few unmentionables up in the attic which I cannot imagine being completed, somehow!)

1) Finish the Moebius felted cat bed from Cat Bordhi’s book

2) Finish the Log Cabin Homespun/assorted other acrylic yarn afghan

3) Finish the three pairs of socks that are partly done (one pair of knitted two-at-a-time Straight-Laced Socks is mostly done but hiding somewhere, one pair of basic (so far) toe-up two-at-a-time in Austermann Step is just begun, and I have a single Jaywalker sock almost finished). Don’t let me cast on a Monkey sock until I finish at least one of these!

4) Finish the recycled sari silk scarf

5) Finish the two pairs of fingerless gloves I’ve started recently for the Loopy Ewe challenge, sew in yarn ends for two baby hats I’ve finished for the same, and knit at least a couple more hats/gloves before the contest deadline end of June (remember, motivated by deadlines! At least at the last minute!)

New projects:

5) Design and begin a wedding shawl; my thought is to use Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Pi shawl basic template and throw in whatever lace patterns that fit, and fit my fancy (doesn’t have to be done till November, though, so the goal is NOT to finish!)

6) Knit a few things for Dulaan — I have some bulky wool that seems like it would work well (deadline July!)

7) Make a lacy cardigan for The Preteen which she has specifically requested — birthday is early September, so that’s my deadline.

Ok, I think that’s enough for a start!

Knitting progress — still not much to show, but the sleevage is begun on Pink Fuzzy Cardigan (I thought about doing two at a time magic-looping or two circs, but the yarn tends to tangle, and I decided it would be faster to do them singly — and time is of the essence). Really didn’t have much time today; I’ll put in a little solid time before bed on it.


A little more fingerless glove action, not worth documenting.

Then a short wander around the garden where I saw a cute but destructive baby bunny (gone before I got the camera on) and many lovely things:


The irises remind me somehow of corps de ballet dancers all in a line, as in Swan Lake (pink swans?). Click to enlarge — can you see it?

And this new bloom was lovely with the evening sun shining through:


This is (I believe) a Carpathian Bellflower. I love saying Carpathian. It reminds me of Vigo from Ghostbusters II (“the scourge of Carpathia — the sorrow of Moldavia”).

Lastly, the Pavlova indeed needed to be made again — for a global culture school project The Preteen had, which culminated tonight in a World Expo of sorts. At least this time, by dint of repeated questioning, we had a few more days notice.

Thanks for the tips I got from Southern Hemisphere residents! The Pavlova was well-received;

in fact, upon its consumption, there was rejoicing and dancing in the halls!world-tour-global-connections.jpg

2 responses to ““What I plan to do this summer” and Pavlova redux

  1. The pink fuzzy cardigan is lovely!

  2. Viggo!! That was the first thing I thought of when I read Carpathian. Ha! That is a gorgeous photo, you should turn it into a print. And I can see all the little ballerinas, like sugar plum fairies 🙂

    Nice list lady – I thought mine was big. I am desperatly trying not to cast on for some mini monkeys.

    Have a happy, crafty summer

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