Still Pink After All These Years

Perhaps it just seems like years. (It’s only been a month, I guess.) No visible knitting progress — I seem to knit and knit and Pink Fuzzy Cardigan is still not as long as I would like it. Almost though. I may not even do an edging; on my swatch, all the edgings seemed too heavy for this ethereal little wrap. Maybe just around the neckline, to soften it. Otherwise, I think it actually looks ok without an edging.

Well, some knitting time should happen tonight, and then I should be sleeving. Pics tomorrow.

It’s birthday day today in the knit blogosphere — Wendy‘s mom and Steph‘s daughter. It’s also the birthday of my daughter’s teacher, Ms. Jaskiewicz, who has had one of my two daughters continuously in her mixed-age Montessori classroom for the last 6 years. To celebrate Ms. J’s birthday, I took the snake to school on a field trip! (OK, though I really did take the snake by request, maybe it wasn’t all about the birthday. . . but Ms. J and the snake were rather excited!) It’s sad for me to think that after the next week, I won’t have a child in her class any more; sniff, sniff! She’s been a great teacher for our girls — patient, caring, encouraging, very in tune to what two extremely different girls needed — a push here, a re-direction or challenge there, sometimes just a listening ear. Happy birthday, Ms. J and Wendy’s Mom and Amanda and all May 30th Gemini babies!

It’s also our 15th wedding anniversary today. We’ll celebrate it by going to our younger daughter’s piano recital (the Gothlet). Can you think of a nicer way? (Well, if so, don’t tell her!) My husband and I never drank the champagne we got this weekend with our bed and breakfast room, so if we feel like it, we can crack that open after the recital. But work starts all too early in the morning, so perhaps not.

A bit o’ knitting to show today from the ADD corner:fingerless-glove.jpg

Another fingerless glove for the Loopy Ewe’s quarterly challenge, in progress. I started this yesterday afternoon, and in sportweight hand-dyed sock yarn, it’s zipping along in spare moments. (Pink Fuzzy is just getting too big to carry for those moments; hence the slow progress, I suppose.)

Obligatory iris and peony and rhododendron pictures — sorry, they’re just so purty! Click to enlarge as desired:


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