Cockeyed Optimist

I’m definitely a glass-half-full kind of person. Otherwise, how could I look at my rate of progress on Pink Fuzzy Cardigan and think that I’d have it done today?

I realized (today) that it takes me almost twice as long to knit a row in this fine, slippery yarn loosely knit, as it does to zip along in a nice worsted wool on the appropriate size needles. So that’s my excuse. Plus my husband expected me to spend some time with him on our Bed and Breakfast sojourn; for some reason. (We did have some nice hanging-out-in-a-park-on-the-Mississippi time, he reading, me knitting.) SO:

If I were knitting this to be waist length and with cap sleeves and without edging — I’d be done except for the ties! Unfortunately, such is not the case; but it is visible progress. I want to make it about 3 inches longer (5 rows per inch; over 200 stitches and 9 minutes per row; but who’s counting?) and then knit 3/4 length sleeves. Then do an I-cord edging (which took a long time on my tiny swatch, so that will be a whole evening, obviously!). So my new goal is the end of the week. I think it’s do-able.

This weekend, before accepting the inevitable, I actually briefly considered which movie would be easier to knit during, as we chose a movie to see without kids. (Then the decision was made on other criteria, darn. But I did knit –SLOWLY, with this yarn, by feel.)

As soon as I did accept the inevitability of not finishing, I had to take a break (to rest my fingers and eyes) and finished Black Watchcloth (a gift).


And these little felted things had dried by now when we came back:

They turned out rather cute, I think! Here’s the before:pre-felting.jpg

Yes, they did fade a bit in the washer, but still cool.

Are the full-size photos OK? I love photos, being visual, but have kept them thumbnails in the blog to reduce downloading/viewing time. But the picture upload function isn’t giving me the thumbnail option right now; I’m not sure how many people have dial-up/how much of a difference the larger photos make (the resolution isn’t too high, though).

Here’s some more photos of our weekend (I’ll try for thumbnails again, these are a LOT!  Click to enlarge as desired.):

Starting out, notice the raindrops on our windshield as we cross the river, past the Traditional Memorial Day construction, and finally onto the open River Road, past the coulees of the Upper Mississippi.



When we stopped en route, at the Birthplace of Waterskiing, the sun came out, and it was beautiful the rest of the weekend.

I knit here:

front-porch-b-and-b.jpg (the front porch of our bed and breakfast)

and here:

fireplace-b-and-b.jpg(in front of the fireplace in our room)

and here:

hangin-in-the-park.jpg(hanging out in a park on the river)

but not here:

view-from-jacuzzi.jpg (this is the view from our Jacuzzi).

Kid mohair/silk can be lighter than air:floating-kid-mohair.jpg

Believe me, that slowed down my knitting too! It was breezy out there as I knit and watched river traffic:



Saw this while out walking in Red Wing:


This could be either of my daughters. . . .

We had a very nice time just being us together, and then came home today to our lovely daughters and an also-lovely garden in shades of pink:


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