Fun with Powdered Drink Mix

Knitting away on Pink Fuzzy cardigan — no visible progress. (Don’t you get to hate these projects where the number of stitches goes up every row? But soon it will stop increasing.) So no knitting pics today.

But I did snap photos of some of my fun with powdered-drink-mix yarn!

grape-kool-aid.jpg This was dyed with Grape, Blue Raspberry Ice, and a touch of Cherry.

kool-aid-dyed-ball.jpg This fruity concoction (well, aren’t they all?) is leftover reds (Tropical Punch, Strawberry, Cherry) and Orange and Lemonade — basically what was left over after my kids got done.

I also have some yarn that’s short repeats of bright colors, and some lace weight I custom-dyed teal, blue and purple, trying for a specific effect for a scarf for my friend Jean. (Came pretty close to what I had in mind!) And I overdyed some laceweight whose colors were not quite doing it for me (so why did I buy them? I’m eternally optimistic or something! I think it’ll grow on me if it’s a good deal.) I’ll put up more pictures as I run across the yarns. . . Other than Jean’s scarf, I’ve knit some orange-red fingerless gloves, a felted bowl, and a hat. Otherwise, I’ve been hoarding a lot of this yarn I dyed last summer. (Of course, how is that different from the rest of my stash?)

This summer, my plan is to have a Kool-Aid yarn dyeing party for my knitting friends! Should be fun!!

In other developments:

The garden proceeds apace, though the peonies are just taunting me:


And I spent tonight, as promised, moving the snake into her new larger home with the assistance of everyone (except The Preteen). She (the snake) seems to like it very much:


Here’s a picture of the other orange pet behind glass, not to be outdone:


“I SO wanna be out there! Watch out, naughty bunnies!”

One response to “Fun with Powdered Drink Mix

  1. Is she a creamsicle corn snake? Our son had one named Sinjin (after the volley ball player Sinjin Smith) for 12.5 years. She was such a sweetie. Her cage was right next to his bed.

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