In the mail! And Pavlovas. . .

Afghans for Afghans Mother’s Day project in the mail!



Now Pink Fuzzy has to be my priority as it’s due in a week. I can knit really fast with adrenaline on board. I will also have the second fingerless glove as a ‘pocket project’ that I can take anywhere, but I’ll be pink fuzzying whenever possible.

For those who may not read all of the Yarn Harlot’s hundreds of comments (can’t imagine why not!) — here’s an anecdote I just related in that forum, after reading her “Response to Hysteria” post.

I only have an 11-year-old version of hysteria which will not hold a candle to the future teenage/graduation version — or maybe not, the Preteen daughter just doesn’t give a hoot much of the time, and that may not change. But last night The Preteen came home to announce that she needed to bring a “Pavlova” dessert to school today. (This was new to me, but for those of you who also are not versed in this, which includes my former chef husband, it’s a meringue with fruit and whipped cream, simultaneously claimed by New Zealand and Australia as a national dessert or something, invented in honor of Anna Pavlova’s visit Down Under. I apologize to Southern Hemisphere denizens if I got any of that wrong. And I apologize to English teacher types, because that was an incredibly run-on sentence with too many subordinate clauses.) Anyway, apparently We are studying New Zealand in Social Studies now. I know who Pavlova WAS; and of course, I have some yarn from New Zealand — but I was not aware of this dessert, as delicious as it sounds! So The Preteen airily announced that meringues were easy. “Have you ever made one, girlfriend?” “Well, no, but you only need to bake it for 5 minutes!! And then you let it sit for an hour and a half! Talk about easy!” Ah, the eternal optimism of youth.

So — a trip to the grocery store (how does one really tell if a kiwifruit is ripe, especially after it’s traveled halfway around the world?) and a trip to my mother’s to borrow a springform pan later — some version of Pavlova was arrived at, by a group effort (mostly husband and daughter, but I prepped fruit and bought the groceries). I know this is payback for everything I put my mother through, but at least I never volunteered a fancy dessert on a couple hours notice. I don’t think so, anyway. . . I could be wrong about that. . . . Bake sales, yes, there were a number of those with night-before notifications, I believe. . . .

The main hysteria was on our part, now that I think about it. There was a stern talking-to administered before the Pavlovage happened.

So — everyone at school liked it, it all disappeared, but if it’s picked (by whom?) for the final project, we get to do it again. Today I found out that The Preteen’s friend’s mom (with whom I happen to work) knows all about pavlovas and makes them! Her daughter needed her to make orzo on a day’s notice. She, of course, because this is the way of the world, had never made orzo. We totally have to consider trading if we need to make this again.

Today I also found, thanks to KnittingKate, that drizzled passionfruit is the hallmark of the dessert. Ours was sadly passionfruitless (passionless? fruitless? passionfruitless!). Not easy to find passionfruit in season in Wisconsin. We’ll have to work on that. Thanks, Kate! From another Cate!

A little time outside after returning from a school picnic —peony-bud.jpgcolumbines-beesbalm.jpgheuchera.jpg

and something I bought at the picnic to support daughter#2, the Gothlet’s class:

roma-tomatoes.jpg Roma tomatoes!

When I came home from the picnic, there was something very special that had come in the mail:


Sundara yarn! Both fingering and sport weight. Droolworthy (just keep that drool away from the yarn). And a pattern for Hydrangea Socks. . .
Must. Finish. Pink. Fuzzy. Must. Not. Cast. On. New. Socks. . . .

3 responses to “In the mail! And Pavlovas. . .

  1. Hello! Hopped over from Yarn Harlot.
    Good on you for trying Pav. What a cool project!

    Would you like some Australian tips? (I know the project is about NZ but the Kiwis make a merangue cake, while ‘Pavlova’ was made & NAMED for the ballerina’s visit to Australia & is OUR recipe. 😉

    In my family there are no springform pans (we save them for chilled Philly cheesecakes. yummo)
    We use a regular flat biscuit(cookie)tray, lined with baking paper by putting a dot of pav mix at each corner to stop it from sliding off. (egg sticks like glue 🙂
    We mound the mixture in the centre & flatten it off at a couple of inches high. Bake per recipe.

    Our favourite toppings, after the whipped cream, hulled strawberries when in season, grated chocolate bar with mint chips – available anytime of year.

    Doesn’t it remind you of a fluffy white tutu?

    Hope you all enjoyed it!

    Jay from Australia

  2. Grandchildren are a grandparent’s revenge on their own children.

    Do you not remember the apple strudel incident? That was not the last minute, exactly, if I remember correctly, but there were many things that were last-minute. What goes around…

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