In the Merrie Month of May. . .

. . .there is so much going on!

Today was the last day of Sunday School. Our church marked this with a ‘child-led’ service where the children were lectors, ushers, recited the Lord’s Prayer, did the music. I’m one of the Sunday School music coordinators, and I had so much great music for the kids to do that we planned for them to do 3 songs (they usually sing one song every couple months). So I can’t complain, because I brought this on myself — but it’s kind of like herding cats to do all that with the little ones I teach — 2-year-olds to 3rd graders. Well, more like herding butterflies. It was fun, but not much knitting this morning!!

Then plans included the community theatre’s production of “Big: The Musical” — which was super; some of The Preteen’s friends were in it. Now I’m supposed to be cleaning and rearranging for the snake’s new roomier home (she’s growing!) Then laundry. . . then . . . .then. . .then. . .

You know how it goes in May! And I don’t even have any graduations or weddings to go to!

I promised knitting content today.

Here’s the WIP of the day:prayer-shawl.jpg

This is a prayer shawl from Homespun, started last year — or maybe a year and a half ago — with no one in particular in mind, which is part of why it’s still a WIP. Also, love the yarn color (deeper than the bright sun makes it look) — hate knitting with this stuff. As another member of our Liturgical Knitting Group said, it should be a penance to have to knit with this yarn.  And we’re not even Catholic. . .

And here’s what I got done yesterday and earlier today:little-blue-socks.jpg

“One of these things is not like the others. . .”

So — this is where I made a Magic 28 sock; then I made a second one, but I was doing it while being an audience member, and I forgot to put in the little purl diamonds (sounds like expensive jewelry). These were to match the hat with diamonds that I had already made for the Afghans for Afghans Mother’s Day project. So I decided to make TWO more socks to match, to make two matching pairs, rather than frogging the diamond-less sock, since I had more yarn. However, today, while again sitting in an audience, I made the diamonds perfectly then proceeded to put the heel on the same side as the diamonds (i.e. the back of the sock). Ooops. Ah well, I guess, I’m still further ahead than if I hadn’t knit at all. (But I didn’t figure it out until I was completely done with the heel. Frog City.) I started the second diamond sock between church services today, and now it’s done other than weaving in two ends, so that’s pretty good (it goes fast). I will be mailing these hats and socks in a day or two (project due date May 25th in US).

I also finished this today: fingerless-glove-cropped.jpg

It’s destined for Sheri’s Loopy Ewe challenge, but I also did it as a photograph example of this sock yarn, which I have a surfeit of, and will be putting up for sale on eBay soon. It’s very helpful to see yarn knitted up before buying, eh? Especially self-striping. You just never know till you see it on the needles. I like this yarn, I just have too much.

2 responses to “In the Merrie Month of May. . .

  1. I like the prayer shawl! Even though I despise the yarn. The edging is nice.

    I am going to start calling her “Preteen” as well. Watch out, that nickname may stick! (until she becomes ‘teen’).


  2. Heya! Just bounced over from the Harlot’s website after reading your comment on pavlovas. I hope your daughter had fun making it and got a good grade : ) Mind you, trust the Kiwis to get the recipe wrong! I bet you get a whole lot of Australians emailing/bloggenting to say “Nooooooo”! (Who says Australians and New Zealanders are competitive?!?)

    The meringue needs to be cooked until it has a crisp outside and tooth-sticky inside. And then you decorate it with whipped cream, cut up strawberries and slices of kiwi fruit. The signature of it being a Pavlova instead of a fruit filled meringue, though, is to then drizzle passionfruit pulp over the top of all the fruit.

    When I lived in Los Angeles, I had a sod of a time trying to locate passionfruit or cans of passionfruit pulp in January (Australia Day is 26 January) and remember once paying USD$7.00 for a tiny can of the stuff so we could celebrate appropriately. If your daughter ‘does’ Australia for a school project, drop me a line and I’ll send you the recipe for sausage rolls – they’re totally awsome!

    I admire anyone who can do a second sock – forget about a third one ; )

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