Daily Archives: May 20, 2007

In the Merrie Month of May. . .

. . .there is so much going on!

Today was the last day of Sunday School. Our church marked this with a ‘child-led’ service where the children were lectors, ushers, recited the Lord’s Prayer, did the music. I’m one of the Sunday School music coordinators, and I had so much great music for the kids to do that we planned for them to do 3 songs (they usually sing one song every couple months). So I can’t complain, because I brought this on myself — but it’s kind of like herding cats to do all that with the little ones I teach — 2-year-olds to 3rd graders. Well, more like herding butterflies. It was fun, but not much knitting this morning!!

Then plans included the community theatre’s production of “Big: The Musical” — which was super; some of The Preteen’s friends were in it. Now I’m supposed to be cleaning and rearranging for the snake’s new roomier home (she’s growing!) Then laundry. . . then . . . .then. . .then. . .

You know how it goes in May! And I don’t even have any graduations or weddings to go to!

I promised knitting content today.

Here’s the WIP of the day:prayer-shawl.jpg

This is a prayer shawl from Homespun, started last year — or maybe a year and a half ago — with no one in particular in mind, which is part of why it’s still a WIP. Also, love the yarn color (deeper than the bright sun makes it look) — hate knitting with this stuff. As another member of our Liturgical Knitting Group said, it should be a penance to have to knit with this yarn.  And we’re not even Catholic. . .

And here’s what I got done yesterday and earlier today:little-blue-socks.jpg

“One of these things is not like the others. . .”

So — this is where I made a Magic 28 sock; then I made a second one, but I was doing it while being an audience member, and I forgot to put in the little purl diamonds (sounds like expensive jewelry). These were to match the hat with diamonds that I had already made for the Afghans for Afghans Mother’s Day project. So I decided to make TWO more socks to match, to make two matching pairs, rather than frogging the diamond-less sock, since I had more yarn. However, today, while again sitting in an audience, I made the diamonds perfectly then proceeded to put the heel on the same side as the diamonds (i.e. the back of the sock). Ooops. Ah well, I guess, I’m still further ahead than if I hadn’t knit at all. (But I didn’t figure it out until I was completely done with the heel. Frog City.) I started the second diamond sock between church services today, and now it’s done other than weaving in two ends, so that’s pretty good (it goes fast). I will be mailing these hats and socks in a day or two (project due date May 25th in US).

I also finished this today: fingerless-glove-cropped.jpg

It’s destined for Sheri’s Loopy Ewe challenge, but I also did it as a photograph example of this sock yarn, which I have a surfeit of, and will be putting up for sale on eBay soon. It’s very helpful to see yarn knitted up before buying, eh? Especially self-striping. You just never know till you see it on the needles. I like this yarn, I just have too much.