Daily Archives: May 19, 2007

Drama Queen

Just returned from the Preteen’s school play, where she did wonderfully — enunciated, emoted, good comic timing! She gets those genes from her father; I can’t act. It was great — a comedy-mystery featuring Sherlock Holmes in the West, called “Holmes on the Range”. (Yes, the whole play was full of puns like that. Loved it.)

Busy day with work, and I’m still behind; I’ll be going in tomorrow to work some more.

But I got a few minutes outside:reblooming-iris.jpg

These are reblooming iris I purchased from Breck’s Bulbs; they’ll bloom again in late summer, apparently; I just planted them last year, and they’re doing great.

But here’s a mystery:

These ‘border lilies” (dwarf Asiatic lilies) are the same type on each side of our front sidewalk.

Here they were last year, first year after fall planting:


Here they are coming up this year, the first picture to the left of the sidewalk, and the second picture to the right:


These were taken from the same height today — look at the difference! The ones on the right are only a few inches high, and tiny all over! Why the runtiness? The only thing I can think of is that the sidewalk slopes down to the right, and maybe the time or two that we needed to salt it due to slippery ice, the salt made the lilies unhappy. The beesbalm (Monarda or bergamot) doesn’t seem to have any issues, though; you can see it surrounding the mini-lilies. Hmmm.

No pics of knitting today; I had no progress to show until tonight, while I was waiting for the play to begin, I did some Magic 28 sockage and a fingerless glove I’m working on (tell you more later); no pink fuzziness today. I’ll post pics tomorrow.

But I do have photos of a non-yarn knitting acquisition:

A new needle storage system! wooden-needle-box.jpgtoolbox-2.jpg

I found this at Sam’s Club; it’s a solid wood toolbox and was the last one left. I had seen it before and lusted after it. Then when it was the last one, I had to act!! I was alone, though, that night, and some very nice guy who was there with his wife, and who I found out was a pastor in a small city nearby, helped me wrestle it onto the cart when he saw me struggling. Then: I found it would fit only with extreme difficulty into my little Saturn, and it was hard to lift off the cart; Pastor, who was taking stuff to his truck, to the rescue again! Sigh. I hate needing help. But it was so worth it! My husband is envious — he WANTS this — but it’s mine, all mine! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! (He’d only use it for tools anyway.)

This is what my needles are currently in, a la Wendy’s system:needle-storage-system.jpg

It’s sold by Costco for scrapbooking etc., and it works well, except I need rather more room for non-needle knitting accessories (stitch markers, gauge guides, scissors, yarn needles, etc., etc.) which I currently have in the top drawer. And my younger daughter covets it for her crafty projects. Well, really, mostly it’s that the wooden box is just SO COOL. The new knitting box has little drawers for the little needles, and bigger drawers for the bigger needles, and felt to protect my precious Addi Lace needles, and the top part will be accessories, and there’s (SHHH) a secret drawer! And a lock! Hahahaha!

So in the next few days, I’ll transfer the needles and make sure it all works. Of course, I have to figure out where to put the ultra-cool box; it obviously won’t fit in the same space I have the tower in; but never fear, I’ll make it work! I have to rearrange things anyway, because Trinity the friendly corn snake needs a bigger terrarium, which means reconfiguring some furniture. (We could put the terrarium in the front entryway, but there are those people who would not appreciate being greeted by a snake immediately upon coming into our house. My father-in-law being one of them.)

Here’s the other orange pet:

citrus-third-arabesque.jpg I think he’s doing a third arabesque port de bras. Talented ballet kitty.