Liturgical Knitting

We have a knitting group at our (very cool) church, which meets Wednesday nights while other churchly things also go on. We style ourselves “Liturgical Knitters”; however, lest you think we knit altar cloths, this is what I was finishing tonight:


This is not an altar cloth (our church is cool but not quite avant-garde to that level). This is a wild scarf for a friend and co-worker of mine who was in a bad motor vehicle accident, with multiple fractures, from which she is slowly and steadily healing. We hope to have her back with us in a month or so, but in the meantime, I thought this scarf might cheer her up. (I guess it’s a prayer scarf! I did think of her with each stitch.) I also worked on the Pink and Fuzzy cardigan, but progress is not really visible at this point. Hence the need to do the scarf! Yay, a FO!

Here’s where we knit,elc.jpg liturgical-knitting-place.jpg

and here are some of my fellow Wednesday night knitting friends (and a helper):


This is our last regularly scheduled Wednesday night Liturgical Knitting (it will start up again in September).  We need to keep the knitting flame alive through the summer, when there aren’t regularly scheduled Wednesday night happenings at church — and we will! We all enjoy each other’s company and I love seeing what everyone else is doing.  Vicarious knitting — it’s great!

More WIPs and a FO scarf picture tomorrow when I have time to take photos in natural light.

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