Daily Archives: May 13, 2007

Post-recital crash

Whew! Two recitals in two days (one I danced in, one I fortunately got to be a mom in the audience). All done with shoes, tights, hair, makeup, scratchy tutus, etc., etc. (Except daughter #1 is in a play NEXT weekend, so I guess we’re not done with all that — except tutus. I can safely say there are no tutus in the play.) The girls and their father did AWESOMEly well, says the proud mom (but it’s true!). I messed up, but hopefully everyone except my parents was watching their daughter and not me. Now it’s time for everyone to collapse (briefly at least).

This is the only dance-related picture you’ll see of me (remember, it’s MY blog!):


But there was a lot of waiting and audience time this weekend, thus knitting progress to report!:


I only realized I made a mistake today as I actually posted the picture (my mind was evidently elsewhere earlier). I knit diamonds into the legs of the first sock to echo the hat I made from the same yarn. However, I knit the second sock during the recital today (only during the pieces I’d seen before, OK?) (Other than, of course, my daughters’ dance pieces — I stopped knitting for these even though I’d seen them before!), and I realize now, the second sock is diamondless. I could frog; but since I took the picture, I turned the heel, and that’s like 2/3 of the sock. So better yet, I’ll make two more socks, one plain and one with diamonds, so even more to go to the Mother’s Day Afghans for Afghans project!

Here’s the pink fuzzy project:


I have a decision to make for this cardigan, at the end (so I have time to think about it). As I said before, I’m knitting this in garter stitch to speed it up, to make it reversible and non-curling, and to prevent any possibility of rowing out. However, in the original pattern (#263), the stockinette was bordered with garter stitch. Obviously, a garter stitch edging on garter stitch won’t have the same effect! I’m considering either just bordering this in two rows of stockinette (pick up and knit, then bind off the next row), or 3-stitch I-cord is also a serious contender. Any thoughts? Or any other thoughts?!

I don’t want anything too heavy for this frothy little number. I’ll probably want to make a swatch to see how it looks before I actually do the border (we know what mohair is like to frog!). Even though swatching is not my favorite, it would be a VERY GOOD IDEA for this, I believe.

A view from the back yard:

lilies-of-the-valley.jpg This isn’t even garden, it’s what used to be just a few lilies of the valley bordering what used to be our back porch (now dirt and weeds with a trench or two). These are liking something about the current situation. And they smell wonderful! (Don’t worry, they will be relocated when the back porch is resurrected [whenever that is].)

That was a lot of parentheses for a few sentences. But I’m sure I can do even better (well, more, anyway).

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all mothers out there, and especially to my own mom, who is witty, loving, supportive, and a wonderful grandmother as well as a great mother!