Life is just a chair of bowlies

I did have a chair of bowlies at Christmas, being temporarily bowl-obsessed and giving multiple bowls as presents. My husband was not impressed, somehow.

Today, I have visible knitting progress again! I felted the bowl last night.

(Or, more accurately, I put the bowl in the washer together with the old tennis shoes I keep around for just this purpose, then forgot about it and fell asleep.)

Here it is with one of my custom-made bowl blockers (ha!)


This yarn (Paton’s SWS — Soy Wool Stripes), as previously mentioned, felts like a banshee (do banshees felt?) and it was perfect. I even forgot to leave the washer lid up as I usually do when felting, so it went through the cold rinse and spin, and it’s fine. Again — I guess it’s better to be lucky than good! I really like the I-cord stabilizing the edge. I’ll put it in the free pattern at some point. Next time, I’ll try a provisional cast-on to facilitate the I-cord, see if it’s worth the time.


Although gradual progress is being made on the pink fuzzy cardigan, it doesn’t look that way, so I’ll post a picture when I get to dividing for the sleeves and joining the front and back — it’ll start to look like something then.

Incidentally, after I found the appropriate size cylinder to block the bowl, namely the Tang container, I realized it expired October 2006. Actually, I only figured that out as I was taking pictures. For our house, that’s not too bad; we found a can at the back of the shelf recently that expired in the late ’90s sometime.

So I have a few hours off on this lovely afternoon (we actually need some rain, as opposed to so many places with flooding problems), and in taking knitting pictures for the ongoing amusement of the neighbors, I was amazed by all the activity taking place in my garden in just a couple days. The bulbs are about gone, except these daffodils which are lasting amazingly long–one-last-daffodil.jpg

but the spring perennials are starting to bloom suddenly:

bluebells.jpg sweet-woodruff.jpgvolunteer-columbine.jpg

And the sun shining through these leaves was beautiful:sun-through-leaves.jpg

I will probably get in trouble for this (with them), but here’s daughter #1 and my husband in their finale at rehearsal:dads-daughters.jpg(Click on the thumbnail to see it larger)

They were great, as was the dance!

No tutu pictures — it’s my blog and I get to pick!

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