Daily Archives: May 9, 2007

Dress Rehearsal: Part Deux and Part D’Oh!

Here’s the D’Oh; with my head full of everything that needed to happen today, and also needing to get daughter #1 to school early with guitar and amp for jazz band, I forgot my pink fuzzy cardigan at home! (I knit at work when I’m doing things that don’t require my hands, or at lunchtime.) Oh no! Yarn withdrawal! Fortunately, before the shakes set in, I got a fix: my little Afghans for Afghans Supersock DK “Walk in Fall Woods” baby hat was buried at the bottom of my bag. Finished it (it was 80% done). See how much yarn was left? Better to be lucky than good, I always say!

Uh-oh — what now? Well, use the same needles and cast on another Magic 28 sock, in the same Turquoise Lamb’s Pride Worsted that I used for 2 hats for the same project, and still had in my office.

magic-28-_2.jpg You know, sometimes procrastination (in this case, not taking the yarn home) has its advantages. So I actually have some visible knitting progress, which I otherwise wouldn’t have: but I need to keep crackin’ on that Pink Fuzzy cardigan, so it will come with me tonight to the Dress Rehearsal.

The piece that I am in rehearses near the beginning; but then Daughter #1 has a 2nd piece she’s in, and she and my husband are dancing together in a “Dads & Daughters” piece — pretty cool. So I’m going to stick around and play with my new camera a little more, since I can’t take pictures at the actual performance. SO — there will be knitting time after I dance, in between watching the other dances and playing Annie Leibovitz!