Daily Archives: May 6, 2007

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s — the floor?


One good thing about the recent pre-party cleaning effort is that now there is an unusually large expanse of wood floor available; which facilitates practicing for the upcoming dance recital. Except that my husband won’t let my daughters tap on the refinished wood, understandably; however, from my point of view, the glue-covered kitchen floor is fair game for tapping. (He still protests, then finds things he has to do elsewhere, but I’m thinking it’s about the noise element rather than protecting the floor. The kitchen floor was covered with brick-red, peeling linoleum when we bought the house, with, as I recall, another layer of linoleum under that. We’re down to wood and glue, but it would apparently be very difficult to remove the glue, so the floor will be tiled eventually. When the addition/back porch happens. Hopefully in my lifetime.)

All of us dance to one degree or another, but I was not planning to be in the spring recital. However, a young lady of my acquaintance in one of my intermediate ballet classes had already paid for her recital costume, but was over-committed and wanted to bow out. She is one of the few girls who is about my size, so I offered to take her place.

That was before I found out the costume was a classical tutu.

25 years and 25 pounds ago, a tutu may have been a more aesthetic option. However, now I’m committed, so in a week, there I will be up on stage in a 1000-seat auditorium. I think some of my friends would be willing to buy a ticket for that alone. Don’t expect pictures, though.

This year, the girls are both taking tap — also, jazz for the younger one and Jazz Funk (similar to hip-hop) for the older one. The preteen is also dancing with her father in a “Dads and Daughters” dance which is 40s style swing — should be great fun! I think some photos of that might sneak into next week’s posts.

A little knitting news:

Restarted a kid mohair/silk gift cardigan after a swatch/first cast-on (and yes, frogging it kind of bit the big one):


It’s the same pattern (Knitting Pure & Simple top down cardigan #263 — scroll down) the Harlot just got at the Knitter’s Frolic; I’ve had it a while but this is the first time I’ve knit from it. I am (bien sur) modifying it, not least by knitting it in this fine yarn, but I think it will look OK. It’s the kind of classic, simple pattern you could take a lot of different ways with different yarns, or adding in details.

Here’s washcloth #2 I mentioned I started a few days ago:


It’s made from Peaches ‘n Creme Black Watch cotton — does that make it a Black Watchcloth?? (har, har)

And here’s my single skein from yesterday’s expedition (my restraint still amazes me):may-5-stash-enhancement.jpg

Purchased to knit together with this:brown-wool.jpg

For another Moebius basket like this:moebius-basket.jpg But bigger.

The outer skein is Araucania Nature Wool, and I bought the Cascade Jewel to match by memory — not too shabby! I like the little basket, but I would like it bigger and sturdier. I may re-felt it and accept tiny for this one. My plan is to knit two strands together of the above wools and see how it goes.

Lastly, news from the garden as the sun peeks out between clouds threatening rain:


Some late grape hyacinths, and the ants are liking the peonies: they will bloom within the week as they usually do around Mother’s Day.