The Second Law of Thermodynamics

Entropy, in my household, seems to mean a uniform layer of debris strewn over every available surface. All of us in the household are a part of this process, except perhaps the corn snake (at least she can only work in her own small space to express the Second Law of Thermodynamics). But a temporary reversal of entropy was indeed accomplished; the floor has revealed itself in all its polyurethaned beauty, the bathroom was as clean as it can get, and a party occurred. I had fun — don’t know about anyone else! Of course, where did half the guests gather? — in the decidedly unrestored kitchen with the glue-covered floor. It was clean — the chef (who is not me) keeps it in good working condition — but it was not neat nor aesthetic. Ah well. Maybe this year we will get a kitchen that’s ready for prime time when the back porch gets (re)built. One hopes.
So, as a well-earned treat, after I worked this morning, my friend Lee and I went to visit the brand new LYS — opened a week ago today. Sorry, Beth, I forgot the camera!

But here’s the brochure:


(click on the thumbnail to view in a readable version)

It was a very nice store called Country Woolgatherer, housed in a renovated outbuilding on a farm, with both needlepoint and knitting supplies. The owner also had antiques, both needlework and sheep-related and not. Also primitive niddy-noddies, sewing cabinets, needlefelting supplies, lots of fun stuff. If anyone in the area is looking for Cascade or Madil yarns, this is the source — it was amazing to see all that Cascade 220 all on one wall, must be every color they have! I’ll bring the camera next time! Fortunately, it’s close enough that it will be easy to visit again soon. In an amazing feat, I left with only one skein of yarn, and even that was for a purpose, to help me use some leftover yarn from a felted bowl project. (Also some handmade “Dutch Treat” circular needles, made a little north of here in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, some stitch markers, and a needlefelting kit. . .but only 1 skein of yarn!! It helps that I know I can get back there, and that I was just up in my attic stash so was reminded of how I REALLY don’t need any more yarn right now!)

I was up in the attic to get some undyed yarn as a present. How’s this for a promising young knitter (actually two of them): My 9-year-old daughter was invited to an Egyptian-themed birthday party today for a slightly younger classmate. Ella, the birthday girl, like my daughter Madrigal, is quite creative and loves to be so. My daughter, knowing Ella likes to knit, asked if we could give her yarn to Kool-Aid dye. So I pulled out some natural yarn of several different kinds, and put it together with some of my powdered drink packet stash (yes, I have a stash of that too), and directions from knitty together with my brief ‘index card version’ of how to dye. Maddie said Ella loved it. I’ll show off some of my past Kool-Aid dyed yarn efforts sometime. And my plan is to have a yarn-dyeing party for my knitting friends sometime this summer. (Can’t wait!)

So the Design Element washcloth is done; my calculations were correct, and I had a whole yard or two of the colored cotton left! Voila:


It’s a gift, and fortunately I like how it turned out.

Here’s the WIP of the day: the previously mentioned felted bowl in the making:


As I said before, I think I’ll add applied I-cord to the edge to stabilize it and see how it turns out. This is the Paton’s SWS which felted ferociously. But I haven’t made a bowl with it before. I was on a major bowl kick last fall; my husband kvetched frequently about the fact that a number of household and kitchen objects were sporting felted cozies. (They were blocking and drying.) The bowls are easy, fast, and are addictively fun! Noro Kureyon, though, will be the death of my washer, it takes so long to felt. (Oh, well, we are getting to need a new washer due to other issues, aren’t we, dear?) So despite Kureyon’s beauty, I’ve been avoiding it for felting since.

Lastly, the garden looked great after a little rain yesterday, when the sun briefly came out this afternoon:


Time to retire; I have to get up early to sing tomorrow. (It seems not right to sing at 8:00 am. My vocal cords are just not awake. I think I’d better ‘preload’ the coffeemaker; I’m going to need it. )

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