Reversing entropy. . .

is, in the end, incompatible with the laws of physics.

However, when there is to be a party at one’s house in 24 hours, a temporary reversal of entropy is highly desirable.

Right now, after cleaning for several hours, I am not sure this is an achievable goal.

I can knit while doing many things, but cleaning is not one of them. And today was an excessively busy day at work. So no photos of today’s minimal progress (started — oops — a new washcloth, knitted a little on the Woods in Fall hat; finished the Design Element washcloth last night).

Guess what I’ll be doing when I get home from work tomorrow. . .

Not knitting, that’s for sure. Nor blogging. Full adrenaline cleaning mode is more like it.

Here’s something to look at, anyway — another WIP:


I realize it looks like 2 rather square blue amoebas (amoebae?). It’s a mesh bag in the making, from a mystery yarn, which is pretty, not at all soft, and strong — I would guess it has acrylic and nylon in its ancestry. The pattern is loosely derived from Kitchen Sink,, but this yarn doesn’t show up the pattern stitches so I’m simplifying greatly. The yarn came with the name “Blue Roses” attached, which is very romantic sounding, so that’s the bag’s name too, I guess.

I heard yesterday about a new LYS in the area that I & my friends absolutely have to would like to check out, but this weekend may not work. But soon, a knitting road trip must happen! Not that I’m going to buy any yarn, for after all, I have no need of any more yarn . . .

3 responses to “Reversing entropy. . .

  1. Cleaning for a party, I usually just clean the bathrooms & kitchen & give the rest a quick straighten. Parties tend to be messy & I’d rather do the major clean once, after the party.

  2. You have no need for more yarn? Ridiculous!

    I was reading knitting magazine last night after attending a CS and working on the baby afterwards…to help me calm down. Read about a website named Etsy–have you heard about this? An Ebay-type concept with only handmade things (and the materials). I need to check this out.

  3. A new LYS? Now you have my attention! Tell us more and don’t forget to take pictures!

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