Tiny little socks

Actually, I’ve made smaller, but these are still just so danged cute!


And I needed a mindless knitting project, so I immediately cast on for a matching hat. Except the hat will probably fit a bigger child than the socks. This yarn (Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK) for me, knitted up at almost 7 stitches to the inch of size 2 needles for the sock (and I’m usually a looser knitter), but on size 4s for the hat, knitted at 21 stitches/4 inches — less dense fabric, obviously, but still not too loose at all. The socks are sturdy but fine. Should be good for the Afghans for Afghans Mother’s Day project! (By the way, deadline extended to May 25th!)

I forgot another criterion that leads to multiple projects: I need a ‘quiet’ project that I can knit fairly unobtrusively at events where listening (by me or others) is required. So no clacky needles. The hat’s on some old coated Inox needles, and those are pretty quiet; so’s this next WIP on Addi Naturas:


A cotton washcloth using the classic diagonal garter stitch square (here’s a story about it by Michelle Edwards that I love). I had a little bit of variegated cotton, so very not enough for a washcloth. So I alternated white cotton with the variegated, which I liked much better anyway. But after a few inches, I realized it still wasn’t enough for anything other than a coaster unless I did something. Hence the Design Element! (also known as the white stripe) The amount of colored yarn left is there on the top right — think I’ll make it? Oh, the suspense!

2 responses to “Tiny little socks

  1. I love the socks. What size are they actually?

    The article about the washcloths that you linked was really good. I need to be better organized with projects I have going on for unnamed people that I can have available to give as gifts. I do get a little hesitant about to whom I give socks. Still not sure I can give a pair to just anyone–it needs to be someone who is not offended by a pair of socks. Do you know what I mean? (maybe I am afraid of sock rejection).

  2. The socks look to me like they would fit a new walker — 12 – 18 months old. I would need a kid to try them on, though, to be sure! They’re knitted pretty densely; I’ll knit a pair in worsted weight next and those will probably be Calvin-sized, I’d guess. [preschool-age for those who don’t know Calvin!]

    I don’t think anyone would or should be ‘offended’ by handmade socks, but a fair number of people wouldn’t ‘get it’ as to why they were cool — until they wore them, hopefully. But socks are kind of an individualized present — seems like sizing is more important than storebought socks, and then there’s texture, washability, color, maybe a pattern choice, so I think it would be hard to save them for unexpected presents unless you knit as many as Wendy and have a lot of choices. A stash of giftable things that I might accumulate if I ever got to that point of forethought would probably be more wristwarmers, felted bags, scarves, maybe hats — along that line.

    Aren’t we all afraid of sock rejection?? Or at least of tepid acknowledgement of our hours of labor and emotional investment in knitting projects? But we make things for people anyway — we are knitters!

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