Daily Archives: May 1, 2007

Tropical Twist

Sounds like an umbrella drink, but it’s not. You could take it to the beach, though. It’s the FO of the day:

The Tropical Twist felted bag!


Me, I like it!

Talk about serendipity: As I finished the bag, I wished I’d knitted the top in reverse stockinette instead of stockinette, as the shiny ladder yarn showed up better. When I felted it, it turned itself inside out! And it felted so well that the purl side looked just as good as the knit side — except the ladder yarn indeed looked even better on the ‘wrong’ side. The I-cord looked ok from both directions — so inside out it stays! Dimensions about 8″ x 8″ x 3″, with the straps about 24” long total. This bag was just for my designing & knitting fun, and I’m not sure who it’s for yet — I think the bag will tell me. (Or the person it’s for will tell me! Any requests? Does this bag call to you?)

Here’s the first felted thing I ever made, only a few years ago:


A bitsy felted bag. No pattern; I had an orphan skein of chunky red wool plied with other colors, and I didn’t really like it. But I thought it might felt, so I did Cat Bordhi’sBoxy Toe Cast On” and knit around in a circle for a while, then bound off all but a few stitches and knit the strap in stockinette, I think, which curled nicely on itself, then wove the end in. In felting, the different plies of the yarn melted together to make a mosaic of different colors, which I liked much better than the yarn itself! Now it has become my holder for socks in progress; great for carrying on one wrist while walking, or keeping the sock & yarn safe in a bigger bag.

Speaking of socks:

here’s today’s posted WIP (Work in Progress):

jaywalker-socks-sock-yarn.jpg(The Jaywalker sock on the right, modified to toe-up, shown with some more yummy yarn from Oldfield Creek Sock & Yarn). But don’t look for this WIP to be finished anytime soon — it’s for me, which means it’s not a priority, and — umm — I divided the skein into half and can’t quite remember where the second half is right now — I’m sure it’ll show up . . .

I did finish Elder Sibling Magic 28 sock and started Younger Sibling last night; these little socks do go fast!